Monday, July 6, 2009


Okay ladies (and possibly a few gents)... we've all had them. Rob or Edward dreams. My most recent one was today, it was real, and it was perfect and pure. I can't share it with you, not because it was sexual in any way. But it was so intimate and I would feel like I was sharing a part of our relationship with the world and that's just not right.

He is after all, all mine -

Snap, ok, I'm awake again. The League thought it might be fun if we and our readers shared some of the more funny types of Rob/Edward dreams. Anything unusual and not X-rated is acceptable!

What's wrong with X rated? If you put those limitation ... *crickets*

Oh I totally would share my Rob dream, but then I'd have to draw a diagram... and it would definitely be NSFW.

Okay, fine, if you girls won't share... I'll admit that I've never had an X-rated Robward dream. *Sigh* But, I have had a few good ones. My favorite was on his birthday. We were at a restaurant and I delivered his birthday dessert to his table. He pulled me down by my wrist to his lap. We spent the rest of the night hanging out drinking beers and eating hot pockets. Okay, maybe not the hot pockets, but I still woke up with a smile.

Alrighty... I'll tell you as much of my dream as I can. Edward walked into the room and looked at me, reached his arm out for me and [censored] me while I was [censored] on him. Then he [censored] and I [censored] and we both [censored]. And then [censored] and [censored] and [censored]. Whew! It was awesome.

Ok, so I'm convinced that I've read the series too many times and have the 'chaste' part of Edward infused into my Rob dreams. I blame Stephenie Meyer for this. Oh sure, we've had some good times in my dreams - some sweet hand-holding, some soft kisses, but it leaves me feeling... well, probably how Bella felt until Isle Esme. Maybe I need to read more fanfic? Or maybe just call Ginger and get the uncensored version of that dream?

I had a dream too! Rob came into my bedroom, approached my side of the bed. He lay down beside me and scooped me up ... ever so slightly ... just enough so that he could slide his arm underneath me and then we spooned. As we lay there together he whispered into my ear, "Spank, spend the day in bed." I said, "but Rob, I can't. I have SO much to do." To which he replied, "all you have to do is keep this bed warm. I'll be back as soon as I can." Time passes and he returns. He looked as glorious as ever and I smiled at his approach to me. I sighed softly as Rob began to climb into bed beside me once again. And then he stopped... and he said... "Jackson, please can you scoot over and give me some room?"



Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

holy hale that's hot!!!!!!!! love it ginger!!!

Rachel said...

That's awesome Ginger! I loved your censored dream, it totally made me LOL! :)

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

lmao at ur dream spank!!!!!!!!! hilarious..but u made that up!!!!!!! ha!!!!!!hehhehehehhehehehe *wants edward dream tonight* lol

Anonymous said...

@Ginger...oh that was totally lol-worthy...that's why you're ma girl!!

But all my Twilight Character/Cast fantasies all revolve around Jasper or Jackson (mostly Jackson cos, you know, he's REAL!!) and no one gets to hear those ones...except maybe Jackson one day, when we're snuggled up in bed and he says "Oh Emmy, I love you so much! Now tell me about those dreams you used to have of me?" and then I'd tell him and he'd suggest that we re-enact a few of them...oh, that will be a VERY good day!!

And don't say it won't happen!! I'm a redhead and we all know that guys dig redheads!! And Jackson WILL dig THIS redhead...aiight?!?!

Anonymous said...

Ladies it's fantastic! but..

Spank.. I <3 you! LOl

"And then he stopped... and he said... "Jackson, please can you scoot over and give me some room?""

Just too great!!

I have Kellan dreams sorry!

Anonymous said...


Need I say more?

leslie said...

First things first...Mr. Ginger, you've dazzled us once again with your skillz!

Awesome post, ladies. I've only had one Robward dream. Sadly, I can't believe that I didn't remember what happened in it! I'm like Rain. I just know that it was "chaste" Robward *sigh* and I woke up and said to myself, "That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen." However it went, I'm sure it was fabulous!

I do remember clearly that I had a dream about Jasper (sorry, Spank). He took me and my hubby for a test drive in a new Hummer. He was going to buy it for me. =D

aka The Thirsty Elephant

Beth said...

@Ginger_Swan; I will defo find out who Mr_G is, I've made it my mission too!

BTW My twitter is Midnight_Gaelic, if that makes it less confusing lol

Back to dreams, see I'm not a big fan of Edward but I've had the odd dream here and there. So it goes a lil something like this;

It was wonderful, we talked, cuddled, laughed, kissed but his touch on my skin was heaven, like my own eden! He would gently stroke my arm, finger tips breezing over my pale skin and listening to me sigh, he would let out a smug giggle and rightly so! I was putty in his hands, whether or not this was a plan from his side, I don't know but I was fully enjoying our time together. He knew how to handle a woman, not a girl, a woman and it didn't bother him about the way I looked or my body but he seemed to love my curves and embraced them like never before!

Stroking my hair, I laid back in his arms and listing to his heart beating but realised that there would be no beating in a timely fashion, he has no solid heart to beat but that didn't effect me, in a way it strangely calmed me. He'd kiss my head and I knew, in that single moment, I was in a fantasy! Could this man be true?

For some unknown reason, I stood up, buzzing about in a world of my own, he immediately stopped me in my tracks, wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his smooth and perfect lips against mine..............that was the moment, right in that 10 second frame, I was smitten. I know it's not original but 'he had me at hello' , calmed me down and I was no longer buzzing around like a blue ass fly, well for the following few minutes anyway. Edward lead me to the bedroom, laid me down onto the bed before he ran his fingers gently over my supple & firm breasts, with one fine swoop he had my top off.

Just a thing started tog et heated, caught up in the moment, Carlisle walked in, took my hand and lead me away. Leaving a frustrated Edward to work out his 'angst' on his own.......I would go into the Carlisle bit but don't wanna take the lime light off of Edward.......

Chrissi said...

I've only had two Rob-related dreams. The first one I don't remember. The second one involved us at college (random I know) and he was looking all scruffy and stubbly. All the rest of them were there, too, even Kristen, but he didn't see anyone except me. He pulled me into the doorway to his dorm room and his eyes held a promise of good things to come, as he leaned his face towards mine... [censored] *wink*

@Spank LOL Rob AND Jackson. Best of both worlds... Give me a Jackson/Jasper dream any day *sigh* though it has yet to happen, I'm just not the type to dream a lot about them...

@Ginger Good work with the censoring. I was actually sitting here thinking about what it meant.

AWESOME job with the pic, Mr. Ginger. Definitely your finest work since I've started following :)

lickhimright said...

LOL!!! Ginger... Spank... mahahaha!!! You are really something! I love you! I love all the League! Do I need to say that all the time? Anyways...

Spider... "we've ALL had them"? Well... you must count me out of that cause i STILL haven't had a damn Robward dream!!! Geeezz... how retarded is my mind? Remember... I've tried EVERYTHING! Watching Twilight while reading very smutty fanfiction and looking at hot Robward pics just before I go to sleep! Hell, I even chanted "Robward...Robward" while I closed my eyes... but NOTHING!!

Can somebody PULEEEZZ hand me the recipe??

Sakixry aka Lickhimright of the Ravishim Team... (aka poor dreamless perv...)

kmoye said...

that is the best mr. ginger pic to date! he's got mad skillz!
and now don't kick me off your site but i've only ever had one twilight dream and it involved Jacob (gasp!)

Anonymous said...

suddenly.. i have an overwhelming desire to kick Ginger's ass...

anyone with me?


Beth said...

@letterstorob - nah but i am intent on finding Mr_G..........I want his artist skills to make me look good

Picksee77 said...

I've sadly only had one Robward dream-and he was all Robert-and I only remember certain details. I was sort of friends with him while he was in my hometown-working I guess? (which I haven't lived in for about 10 years, so that was weird). I think I may have been working for him or the movie or something-because I knew the other production assistants-one of which he was all hot for and I remember that made me really sad. Apparently I wasn't married in the dream ;)

There was this one weird part where I went to his hotel/apt and the door was wide open and I thought something had happened to him-so I walked in-and he was all curled up in bed w/ his hair all mussy (as if that would be any different?)-I woke him up and was all apologetic-but he was just all nice and wanted to hang out. I woke up soon after-which was WAY TOO EARLY!

My only character dream was of Carlisle-and it was uber-vivid. He had to feed off of me or he'd die (no clue why?) It was kind of hot and scary at the same time.

hwilliams3782 said...

u guys KILL me....uh err w/laughter thats is... love the ginger and spank dreams...spank like wheatys said im sure u made that up but i give u big props cuz it was great regardless..just cuz i know how u love u some jasper. great post gals!!

dazzledbyhim said...

LMAO at Spank! That was awesome! :)
I've only had one Edward dream and it was very PG.
And one Robsten dream... but that wasn't the greatest either. :(

beesue said...

Hi League.....

.....mmmmmmmmmm Lucky League - No robdreams here! But ..... I do DayDream about Rob .... My lawnguy is Robb- All sweaty and HAWT - "Oh would you come in an cool off for a minute?" "Oh, my purse is in the bedroom - follow me"
Or the Pizza delivery guy "Oh could you take that to the Kitchen for me"? " Yeah - right there on the COUNTER!"

This is Normal- Right? Thought So!!

Mr.G - You Rock!

lickhimright said...

Love the thirsty elephant!! Hahahaha!!!

@beesue: daydreaming with pizza boys and lawn boys... naughty naughty... LOL

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ginger rocks. Can we upload my pic? ; - )

spitfire_k said...

said this before: love, love, love the photo.

hmmm... mr. ginger deserves a pat on the back and a round of applause. =D

*a bit green with envy o'er that pic*

Duchess said...

seriously guys...spooning... you get to dream something with Rob (possibly a one time encounter) and you're spooning?!?!?... oh yeah must be the PG13 dream with/for the beautiful bastard would be chapter 5 of the office fanfiction...THANK.....YOU...... CHRISTINE!!!!

@Spank... you...rock my world...!!!

@Mr are f-awesome

Donna Maria said...

I have a suggestion....Go read some Twilight Fan Fiction before you go to bed (I recommend Wide Awake) and then go to sleep....BEST dreams ever!!! Xx

Rachel said...

OME @Donna maria! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wide Wake! It's the beset FF EVER!! *Sigh* Thank you for reminding me of Darkward!

Edward and Bella said...

First; Mr. Ginger, your photoshopping-skills are totally awesome, but I would really appreciate if you return my only photo of me and my beloved.

With that said, My Robdreams r all based on our own experiences. *damn still sleeping am I??!?*