Friday, July 3, 2009

Cashing in

Just when I thought I've seen anything and everyting that Twilight could put their name on: I really shouldn't be surprised to see that they're actually coming out with a line of make-up! Yes, make-up. Who would buy make-up from the makers of Twilight? My four year old daughter could do a better make up job with her kit from the dollar store!

The foundation comes in one shade: pale white.

Why not just buy spackle at home depot. You can get it by the gallon for much less!

I wonder if the lipstick is forbidden fruit flavored?

Will it make you sparkle (glitter) in the sun? Because that sparkle lotion that Hot Topic sold does not work! Ummm... At least that's what I heard. It's not like I actually bought any for myself. *Runs to hide Edward Cullen Body Sparkle Lotion*

That's because you were using the wrong product, Rain. You should've used the Edward Cullen Body Shimmer powder. I mean, I don't really know myself. I'm just going on what Mr. Ginger told me. (cough)



Ninja Fanpire said...

Why does the lipstick say luna Twilight? Is it in spanish?

I'm sure there'll be worse things they make that you never evem dreamed. Just wait.

Erin said...

Oh ladies, you haven't the first idea of the 'items' they have in Forks that will blow your mind!

Just a taste of an item, when you go into a particular store (which had the best shirts & such) they also had "vampire essence" this was not a body fragrance, this was a gift tin of glitter, or better yet, you could get a 'vampire essence necklace' (that was a ity bity bottle filled with glitter on a string for 15 bucks!)

GallifreyReject said...

Um Luna Twilight (Moon Twilight) makes no sense! now unless they said Luna Nueva sans the Twilight, then maybe id think it was cute.

Wait, vampire essence..
Did Edward poop in a bottle?
How did they do that??!
I can imagine the scent.. Rotten Deer mixed with Grizzly..Yummy!

This reminds me of Disney and 1990's BSB/Nsync merch..

If they over saturate the market with Twilight band aids, makeup, industrial caulk, underwear, deodorant (smell like the Meadow!!), pooper scooper and everything else you can think of; that people will buy it or just get sick of it and it ends up in the $0.99 bin at MArshalls/TJMaxx...

Ninja Fanpire said...

I think the problem is that they made the movies too soon after the series was finished. It was popularity upon popularity. I think that is should have waited a few years for the publicity to die down. Then bring it back when people stopped talking about it.

Now people are just trying to cash in on Twilight like it's the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana.

The books were still hugely popular before the movies, and yes, the movies most likely boosted the sales. But the movies also might make the books look bad. If someone goes to see Twilight without reading the book, what are they going to think? We all know that there were things that were wrong and left out. I mean, that happens with all movies. But there were crucial pieces that only people who read the books would know. But if they have a bad movie experience, but were thinking of reading the books, it could dissuade them from ever doing it.

Rushing the movie could make some people miss out on the joy of the books. I mean, why read a book when you could just see the movie? And even if you do read the books after seeing the movie, then there isn't as much room for the imagination. Jacob is so longer Jacob, he is Taylor Lautner. Edward is no longer Edward, he is Robert Pattinson. There isn't room in the imagination to create a new image. I find it sad that it'll be hard for people to imagine their own special Edward. The image of Rob will pop up every time, instead of just imagination what YOU think Edward would look like.

So, basically, I think they rushed the movies too soon after the books, and this could be part of the reason Midnight Sun isn't done yet. Stephanie Meyer was popular and making money before. But once the movie came out, ho ho, book sales went through the roof. Why should she need to write another book?

Chrissi said...

@Ninja Fanpire I definitely agree. If I hadn't heard all the hype about the books being better I may not have read them, having seen the movie first.

@GallifreyReject Your name for it is much better, and definitely more correct ;) Luna has nothing to do with Twilight

@Ginger Maybe the lipstick is Edward-flavoured. If they advertised that it is maybe they'd get more sales than just the overly obsessed fans.

They saw a market for useless junk, and naturally exploited it. Tween/teen girls usually have money from after-school jobs that they can use on things other than bills (except phone bills of course), so why not spend it on things that are basically junk with Twilight stamped on the side?

Anonymous said...

I am sure Stephenie Meyer doesn't mind cashing in. Which bums me out. I figure once the well runs dry she'll finish Midnight sun. So lets not buy any of this junk.

lizardlizard81 said...

I only got about 1/2 an hour in Forks 'cause my husband is a prick and made me leave (after all the trouble getting there no less!), but I was particularly taken w/ the Twilight galoshes @ the Outfitters place.

Brenda Jean said...

Hey, when it ends up some place on close-out then we can buy it up and put it on ebay. BAHAHAHAHAHa Sell it for like 100 times what it cost:)

I wasn't really impressed with the make-up in the movie so unless it's WAY WAY better in New Moon I doubt a line of make-up would go over that well.

My husband wouldn't let me make him sparkle- dang it.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wait, I didn't get any EC Body Shimmer powder!

I've gotta get out more.

dazzledbyhim said...

Funny... but you know people will buy it!!!