Monday, July 20, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

You know every once in a while Batman would show up on Scooby Doo? Well, what if the Cullens went to Shreveport, Louisiana and gave the Area 5 Sheriff a run for his money? Think about it - they can come out of the coffin and live in the open, sparkle happily in the sunshine leaving the gloomy pacific northwest behind them and render The Volturi useless. Also they can enjoy True Blood which will not only save the Bambi's of the world but will allow them the pleasure of nibbling on willing humans...

You are my hero Spank. This is BRILLIANT, just freakin' brilliant. And lest not forget that Eric and Bill can show our little Edward some nasty little things to do with sweet Bella. Oh yeah, that little cottage in the woods would be nothing but stone dust! Bring it. Let's start a collection!! We can name it True Twilight!

Can Spike join in?

Ginger, if Spike comes, then next thing you know Angel will want to come. Then Lestat de Lioncourt will show up. It will be a town filled with sexy vampires!

Wait, actually that sounds perfect! But how to keep out the dogs?

Gah! Tall Dark and Brooding Angel is NOT invited.



Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

UM...damn it..i have no clue what you ladies are talking buffy watcher here..or true blood..but if edward and you guys live there..I am so there! NO WAIT...scratch that..hell no! No dogs allowed...nevermind..I am staying in forks!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

ThisisJustMe2 said...

Can I get a little Jason Patric or Keifer love?

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

Hmm... Do you think Vampire Eric would be able to convince Edward that menage e trois is a pure expression of true love? Or, at least, that if you really love someone you'll share them with all the other hot vampires?

Great work ladies. Sorry I missed the housewarming party. Will you keep a guest room for me? ;)

Ginger Swan said...

Absolutely, Meadow. You have your own personal guest room at The League mansion! The walls are painted a lovely shade of green and a laptop with high speed internet is at your disposal for all your fan fiction needs! <3

KendallJaye said...

Spike......*head explosion*

Kellebelle1981 said...

Eric, Edward, AND Spike?!?!?!


Spike in the kissing booth! I'm getting in line for that one fifty times!!

I love you guys!!! :D said...

Oh you doooo know where I stand in this right? OK OK, It's Spike for me! I like to refer to it as SpikeWard....

winking @Ginger?

i'm right behind you babe in that Spike kissing booth. *i'm deaded*

OMG, Hugs you! ok don't look at me strange - i just missed you is all. *looking at feet*

GREAT MANSION PARTY! Love the place and the bar! Thanks for the invite and the drinks, ladies! NEXT time the whole Ravishim Team will come and of course you may have to block us then! *innocent eyes*

Diane said...

I totally didn't see Lestat and Angel in the background the first time I looked at the picture...I think I was too distracted by Spike's abs! =)

I'm also happy you chose Eric over Bill...I think Bill is, well, NOT Edward or Spike.

All you're missing in this pic is my favorite Manga vampire, Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight and it'd be the most perfect picture ever!

beesue said...

Hello League!

OK - I am mapquesting the directions to VampCity as we speak!
....and packing my bags!!

OMG - Edward could beoome a dirty, dirty Vamp - BITE ME!!! PLEASE!!!

DanySpike said...

Oh, PLEASE let Spike be there!

...Although my head might explode if Edward AND Spike are in front of me... lol

Tesha said...

YOU GUYS KEEP ME GOING!! but hey, some of luv Angel too.

Ginger Swan said...

@Tesha, Angel is in the picture too. *wink*

Tesha said...

yes, i saw him. I love the muppet angel. but you said he wasn't invited :(.