Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Rob Mob

Guys, guys... you're doing it all wrong. This is not the way to get your hands on Rob. What you need to do is lure him (with a trail of hot pockets and beer) into a place where you and your three friends can lock him up and mob him right.

Ginger, I like where you're going with that. But clearly his bodyguards are not up to the task of shielding Rob. Perhaps he should hire, um, I don't know, four superheroines to do the job? We'd protect you Rob. I promise.

I like where you're head's at, Rain. In keeping with that, I think we should probably each take charge of protecting different parts of his body. I call dibs on his hands. I have the perfect hiding place for them...

Spank, I cannot express how disappointed I am in your priorities! You picked hands? HANDS!!! I am speechless!

Rain, when you say he needs our protection, I hope you mean we'd bring protection, not be protection. What size? X-Large? Ribbed? I think it's safe to say that they need not be "lubricated."

What?! Like it never crossed your filthy mind!

It crossed my mind. *raising hand*



Total Fanpires said...

Ladies, now now

I want to touch its silkyness
(I dont care if hes never washed it in 3 years)

beesue said...

Hey League!

I'll take his Ass ......WHAT?......just sayin....I COULD HELP, TOOO!!!

Oh - and I'll throw in a box of Magnum Trojans - I have very high expectations - LARGE FEET - Remember!

btw - I am totes embarrassed by the behavior of these women - commenting is all in fun but to act out in reality - SCARY!

Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

OOOOOOOH oooooh Can I help too..I'll take his chest so i can lay on it everynight and give him lots of hugs and let him know that everything will be all right..after crazies like that..he will need me to do this. You guys know this..and this is what I will do! lol Wheaty's Girl to the rescue. I love robbykins!

Jen said...

Since it seems to be Rob-market, I'll take his jaw!
Because really have you seen the outtake from the GQ shoot?

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

And here's a better look at the "young ladies" that attacked Rob yesterday:


I suggest we get a mob together and hunt their asses down!

*sorry ladies for the rude language. I just get all flustered when it comes to harassing my Rob*

SAC~N~FOX~GIRL said...

I just think it is funny that his bodyguard is pinching the chick in front of Rob and she is laughing! lol. But that does look like fun.

dazzledbyhim said...

I'll take the night shift!!!

duchess said...

HEY BLUE SHIRT... IF YOU ARE GOING TO TOUCH ROB AT LEAST GO FOR SOMETHING MEMORABLE!!! Hair...chiseled face....adonis chest... mmmmmm... lower...lower still..sh*t sorry forgot I was on here...
Anyway WTF is that a dude in the background...please someone tell me thats a body guard... hope he knows that little ashes was just
sigh.....some people

Mystify Me said...

Hmmm...perhaps Kellan isn't busy.Frig!!!
If he gets hurt...I swear I'll...grrr...nasty little street tramps...gutter snipe.
Ooops where was I???
Okay late to the party, so I will take anything that is left. His belly-button perhaps?? Probably has lint, but I can deal.I have my handy Hoover at the ready. hehe
Plug 'er in!!!

Caitlin said...

Wow those chicks have lost their minds. Hes totally going to fall in love with a psycho bitch who screams at the sight of him.

i bet that's his dream.
*rolls eyes*

See they're going about it all wrong, youve got to act like youre completely uninterested. Thats what KStew did, it worked for her.

koNeko said...

Stupid girls!
now are the girls most hated around the world!

I know!, i hate them

duchess said...

@ mystify me

Gutter snipe...?!?! OMG my sides still hurt from laughing...

MystifyMe said...

@duchess It's true.Look at them. They are posing.They were not spontaneous.It was planned.
They may adore Rob, but they wanted their 15 minutes of fame.
10 to 1 their faces will appear on the tabloids, with the strategically postioned Edward bags.
Lowest of the low.
If they just happened to be strolling by and got hysterical and couldn't help themselves...well maybe...but no... IT WAS AN AMBUSH.

Brenda Jean said...

Geesh, I guess these gals do not frequent this blog or they would have know their tactics were lame and useless. Stealth, that's the trick:)