Friday, April 17, 2009

MORE New Moon Cast

Summit has finally released an official cast list for New Moon. Here's the line up.

Caius: Jamie Campbell Bower

• Age: 20

You may know him from:
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Anthony)
RocknRolla (Rocker)

Felix: Daniel Cudmore

• Age: 28

You may know him from:
X-Men: The Last Stand, X2 (Peter Rasputin/Colossus)
Alone in the Dark (Agent Barr)

Marcus: Christopher Heyerdahl

• Age: N/A

You may know him from:
• “Supernatural” (Alastair)
• “Stargate: Atlantis” (Todd the Wraith)
• “Smallville” (Zor-El)

Alec: Cameron Bright

• Age: 16

You may know him from:
X-Men: The Last Stand (Jimmy/Leech)
Running Scared (Oleg Yugorsky)

Heidi: Noot Seear

• Age: 25

You may know her from:
Head Over Heels (CK Girl)
• Modeling campaigns for Armani, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Polo Jeans, etc.

Aro: Michael Sheen

• Age: 40

You may know him from:
Underworld, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Lucian)
Frost/Nixon (David Frost)
The Queen (Tony Blair)

Harry Clearwater: Graham Greene

• Age: 56

You may know him from:
The Green Mile (Arlen Bitterbuck)
Dances with Wolves (Kicking Bird)
Die Hard: With a Vengeance (Joe Lambert)

Emily: Tinsel Korey

• Age: N/A

You may know her from:
• “Into the West” (Blue Bird)
• “The Lookout” (Maura)

Demetri: Charlie Bewley

• Age: N/A

You may know him from:
• N/A

I know when I first looked it over I was struck by two thoughts. First, really? Tony Blair from "The Queen" is going to play Aro? Evil Aro? Manipulative, calculating Aro? Shouldn't they have picked a better world leader, like maybe Putin or something? And second, am I the only one who feels a little sorry for Dances With Wolves Dude? He's the Mr. Myiagi of movies with Native Americans in them. And he has to play Harry I-Have-Two-Mentions-Before-I-Die-Of-A-Heart-Attack Clearwater. He doesn't even get to reappear in some sort of cool spirit form.

LOL, that Dances With Wolves guy is in every freakin' Native American movie! He's like the token Native American. (or "Indians" as we used to call them when I was growing up)

Uh, is the Caius dude really a woman? Or is he just a cross-dresser? Because I don't even wear that much make-up.

I love that they're picking some of the cast from the X-Men movies. Because X-Men reminds me of Wolverine and Wolverine reminds me of the scene where he comes out of the water naked... and... *breathing heavy*, what were we talking about?

Ginger, we really need to stop crossing genres with our lusting. I mean, we are experienced women with lots of lust to share, but focus woman!

Oh, come on Meadow. We're all multi-dimensional women here. There's plenty of room for crossing genres. I'm an equal opportunity lust-er.

You know, I'm going to disagree w/you ladies. I like them all except for Caius and Harry Clearwater (for obvious reasons.)

The only reason I say this is because when you look at the cast of Twilight as "regular" people, I would not have agreed that they could've pulled it off, and we all know they did it w/hair and makeup and wardrobe.

So, I'm voting Team Summit, good picks (almost.)

And on a personal lusting level, there is nobody I lust over, there is only one mans venom I want.

Oh yeah, Spider? Only one man you lust after? What about SNAPE?!!!

I don't lust over snape, I just wouldn't mind climbing on him, but not like my man.... no, no, no, not like my man. The man I think about at least every thirty seconds. Snape is just a side thought...

It is true, with all that Edward has put us through I guess we should be allowed our "distractions." *headed off to find Darkward from Wide Awake*

I will proudly admit that I lust after snape and furthermore think snape should be in the volturi. I would be in esctasy if edward and snape were on screen together.

Oh, wouldn't that be a treat!!! Good call Spank! Good call! What role do you see Snape in??? Aro? I think Aro is to nice/forgiving. I think someone else would be wonderful for Snape though....

There should be a place for Snape in Twilight..... Perhaps in Breaking Dawn... Some very interesting characters in that one, but they'd have to do more than a cameo of snape..... perhaps the guy that hangs out in the attic (can't remember his name.)

Maybe we should rename this post New Moon Casting - the Men. Because poor Dakota Fanning and hot-model-chick-playing-Heidi and girl-who-looks-hotter-than-Pocahontas-and-can-probably-paint-with-all-the-colors-of-the-wind (seriously, she's crazy hot) aren't getting any attention.

Of course, we could always talk about people actually casted in the movie instead of bringing out other fictional characters. *muttering about these crazy kids today*

Funny, Meadow. They release the Cast List of New Moon and we only talk (and think) about the guys.

Heidi and Jane should go hop skip and jump off a cliff with Hermoine and Professor McGonnagal. Really -- who cares about them? And, seriously -- why are we not discussing the overdose of steroids Felix must have taken to prepare for that picture. Is he going to arm wrestle Emmett in the clearing and winner takes on Wolverine?

Ok, we can talk about the girls. How about the girl playing Caius?



Ninja Fanpire said...


Ya, I was looking at that playing Cauis and going, "huh?"

Ninja Fanpire said...

He does look a bit odd.....

But he was in Sweeney Todd!

My secret lust in Fiyero! (And you say, who the hell?)

Ya, he's fictional, but so is EC!
The #TAA ladies will know who I'm talking about.

Okay, there's this musical and it's called Wicked (go Google it for more info!). Basically there's this prince guy in it named Fiyero and they always pick really hot guys to play him.
Namely, Sebastian Arcelus, Kristoffer Cusick, and even Norbert Leo Butz wasn't too shabby.

Um...were we talking about Twilight?

Ninja Fanpire said...

This reminds me of everybody on here:

Ninja Fanpire said...

Speaking of everybody, WHERE ARE YOU?

BeCullen said...

ROFL You guys crack me up. Yes I am concerned about the shemale they picked for Caius but with hair and makeup you never know. I am here Ninja.

vampirefreak101 said...

I'm here Ninja !

am i the only one who thinks Jamie Campbell Bower is kinda hot?! well i did fancy Taylor Hanson aswell so that probably explains it LOL

(male and female in one - perfect! that way i don't need to have a threesome with Rob and Kristen...)

sorry, what was i distracted

Brenda Jean said...

Michael Sheen was hotter than hot in Underworld-- haven't seen the other flicks.

I think the other pics are good except maybe the cute guy who looks like a girl, but that could be just that photo--I hope.

Come on-- don't ignore the new wolves. They are seriously hot even if you don't like dogs:)

faith_83 said...

I had such a wonderful morning until I saw the news Caius: Jamie Campbell Bower!!!
I mean maybe I´m wrong and he will do a wonderful job...but I don´t know, I totally imagine Caius older...not much older but...en fin me voy ha callar la boca...
But I can say that the Volturi cast is ok, especially Charlie Bewley… hmm in the part where it says "You may know him from:" I can add something: my fantasy that I just had when I saw his picture...I don´t know, with that hair… it reminds me of someone...don´t know who...

True, who cares about the girls?? I sure don´t...

Snape and Edward in the same movie?? Never cross my mind but still, you have a point there.

I think that we don´t have the same tastes in men :P

robnutmeg said...

UH, hi but yes the only one, I think....

I'm here I'm here...but now I wish I wasn't...

YES, I have had a secret THING for the Volturi (except for Jane & Heidi for OBVIOUS reasons, of course) this WHOLE time and they BURST my bubble. WHO ARE these guys? I'm thinking that now Jane & Heidi are the ONLY good looking ones -- NO I can't turn that far to the dark side....sorry no can do.

OMG League
CROSS dresser....ROLF! I agree, I don't like MY Caius looking better than me on a good makeup day! GEEZ. WTF?

@Brenda Jean
I don't look at dawgs...srsly hot or not...AND Underworld guy? WHAT? Who? Michael Sheen - ARO was in Underworld? oh yeah I remember him. MMM. NO still can't feel it....

There goes my volturi dream of dangerous but hot.....

so right again ... off to WA

wtf are you?

Is SUMMITT a little worried that EDWARD will get UPSTAGED or if that could happen in a million zillion YEARS! GEEZ!

It's like 5:52 a.m. MMM. I think I need a peek at Robward - wait a minute - UH.

OH those volturi guys will be just fine...who are they again?

vampirefreak101 said...

i like Rob, Jackson, Peter, Kellan, Kristen, Ashley, Nikki , i do have good taste.. as a rule.. but there are always exceptions to every rule LOL

or maybe i just fancy everyone?! all the main actors/actresses in Twilight are hot :o)

robin(me) said...

Good Morning Ladies

Here I am to uh save the day....

sorry was sleeping and dreaming about edward in my shower and how he was just about to "scrub my back" and that darn buzzing alarm went rude!

VOLTURI VOLTURI - oh how I adore them - my evil little trio!

Caius is not a girl!
ARO is like HOT and in my dreams he's wanting to bite me and make me his bad vampire that lusts for edward until i GET HIM...but *standing far away from this dude.... now* UGH
mmm. maybe?
yeah if i like the scorpion king. wtf?
Won't it be hard to believe that this kid could actually HARM you?

Forget the girls!

Well Summitt - can't you just trust the fans to know who the LUST for and give us other SCENERY to look at while we LUST for Edward?


I'll be back after I have my coffee and a nice chat with PE.

@sakixry, ocd
robnutmeg's right wtf are you? ocd, keep reading WA like Meadow is. *shaking head violently*

robin(me) said...

OMG I told you I needed coffee....

scorpion king is playing Felix?

AND Demetri is a GIRL?

How many girls are there now?

it's ok to LUST for the Cullens, we do it often .... *wink*

Cheryl said...

Spank, I am glad to know I'm not the only one who lusts after Snape. If he became part of the Twilight series, I might lose what little control and self-respect I have left.

So I'm going to put my head on the chopping block and say that I dig the casting. I think they're all very fitting (though I do agree about poor Graham Greene being the token to represent Native Americans in every movie ever made). And don't let Jamie Campbell Bower's makeup alarm you (it's very musical theatre). After all, I can definitely see Caius as being a "pretty boy," no?

Now back to fantasizing about Snape and Edward sharing the screen...Mmm Snapeward...

faith_83 said...

OMG where is sakixry?? now serious where is she??
a wild dream with Rob last night?? said...

Nobody ever asks for the OH...

*hangs head*

No, that's ok I'm secretary of the League....yahaha!

Thank you for the casting news.
I have no idea - at this time - how to predict these PPL.

I don't disagree nor do I agree. I'd say let's give these KIDS a chance...? no?

scorpion king? rofl! hey I thought the Rock was hot. anyone?

@Spank & Cheryl
oftloatholy, who is snape? can i google him? please? I hardly knew who BLADE was until sakixry mentioned her lust - i mean - admiration for him....

thank you for saying everyone....

@robnutmeg, robin(me)
voturi dream trio...yeah i had them cast with completely little ppl, too. shame. said...

i need some of ur coffee and pe, robin(me)
not Little ppl, DIFFERENT ppl

god, i'm going back to bed.

Gina said...

I think they did a pretty good job on all of them. I mean, yes, I did expect Caius to be older (and actually a man!) but I guess there is a shortage of 300+ year old actors with onion like skin. hmmmm....

I think (hope) honestly that with makeup and stuff they will look sufficiently evil and monsterous with their red eyes and stuff... oooooo ... *shudders* getting kinda excited!!!!

goodbye ladies! off to take my excitement to Darkward. and all the new ff i have been indulging in! (Black and White! yummy!)

robin(me) said...


@ocd/sakixry/ginger - I had a real dream about EDWARD and WTF are you?

Ok after much thought and a cup of coffee w/ PE, I'm willing to give the volturi a shot...i mean - i'm feeling very generous this morning after watching MOONLIGHT (oh micky how do you call ur lover boy...YUM) last night and then having a shower scrubbing Edward dream ...I'm feeling quite good.
NObody can take that away!

Epiphany: Go to bed after watching Moonlight and a completely different "edward" and dream about "edward"? wow. who would have thought?

robin(me) said...

oh I'm sorry oh....

you are special to all of us, right league?

robnutmeg said...

THE League and everyone

I'm protesting Robin(me)'s dream to be totally UNFAIR! wahhhhhh. God, Robin(me) - I'm just so happy for you (grumble grumble) that Edward gave you a shower and scrubbed your back (crouch position)....

i love the oh....don't ever doubt it. we need o for a lot of things, don't we? o is needed for cheerio and omg and fits really nicely snuggled inbetween n and p.

OK OK oh and Oh KAY. Alright alright...I'm just grumpy no dream again and Caius, my secret onion lover, is NOW a GIRL and well it's just not a good day for me.

WTF is Sakixry????????

Leigh (Modern Mommy) said...

Hmm... I may have to give "Snapeward" some consideration @Cheryl...

Also, I neglected to mention it above, but the guy playing Demitri is kinda hot. I was a little thrown by the "Edward"-hair at first, but I can see that one.

@Robin(me) OMG you dreamed of WET EDWARD! WETWARD! *swoon*

robin(me) said...

wetward - uhhhhhhhh -- yes water cascading down those delicious chest hairs and dripping downward to yummyward *shiver, sputter* ... i'll never take a shower for granted AGAIN!

I'm sorry but it just happened...i didn't mean to - rob just stopped by and needed a drink of my JD, we got to talking and he told me his hands had a kink in them for holding his *uh hem* for so long in that picture and ---OK?

OCD Sufferer said...

Geez ladies! Its only 11 am and you guys have the page so huge with comments already! GOOD GRIEF! lol
Ok, the kid from Sweeny Todd...I saw that last week and thought he was too young...I just see those Volturi Trio guys as old scary guys. Anyone remember Dark Crystal? You know those things that walked all hunched over and scared the crap outta ya? I pictured them in human form!! However, I think Marcus is PERFECT! ARO? Y'all are crazy to think that dude is hot...*shudder* yuck!
The kid from X-Men, I have seen him play a wicked kid several times, he does a good job of it! He is scary!
They better make Heidi pretty slutty cause man I am seeing like red leather, fish net leggings, the works...she is a "fisherMAN" after all. lol.
Dances with Wolves Indian dude...yeah, poor guy, I think everyone in the world knows who he is cause he has played in so many movies...but probably no one remembers his name!
Demetri? Let's just say I never thought much about how he looked but after today I might think twice!! YUM!
Oh, I forgot Colossus. He doesn't look scary to me...and to think all those nice looking muscles will be hidden behind a cloak.....darn....maybe he will take his off to give to Edward and we can get a quick glimpse!! LOL!

Thanks to all of those who mentioned Darkward if I don't have a hard enough time staying away from HIM! I have to work tonight and tomorrow morning...I am seriously thinking of printing out a few of my favorite chapters to take with me, but I can't take a shower at work, that might be bad...maybe I should just stick with Midnight Sun (which I love, but I just like hearing Edward talk dirty's terrible!)

Georgie said...

I really like who they picked. Once again, people that have experience, but people that will get mega famous from this one movie. I love Felix! Well, now I do. He is my favorite X-Men as well. Very pretty. As for Caius, the actor portraying him has been in a lot of different things. He might look weird in that picture (okay,strike the 'might'. he DOES look weird) but Johnny Depp looks weird normally and he is a great and diverse actor so I think Jamie Campbell Bower will be cool. I also really like that Jane and Alec are going to look like twins. They're the same age and look similar. Thats good. Christopher Heyerdahl...super creepy...which is super perfect. He was the bad guy on Smallville (AKA my favorite show). That makes him good in my book. Okay, as for Harry Clearwater, when I read New Moon, I pictured this guy. Not even kidding. Yeah, he's kinda cliche but he's a good actor, so if the moccasins fit! Tinsel looks perfect for Leah. Personally, I can't wait to see her scars. Does that sound bad? Anyway, just thinking out loud so I hope I wasn't too boring.

Anonymous said...


I do not know if this has been talked about.

Ginger, Graham Greene is actually Canadian. So he is Canadian native. I bet he is the only one here that has been nominated for an Oscar. I agree though he is in every movie needing a native american I hope the wolf pack does well so that the movies will have more to chose from.

Most of the cast listed is Canadian. That tells me I think they did the majority of the casting in Vancouver.

sakixry said...

I am here! I am here! Sorry for posting so late but I had the worst night... I haven't slept 3 full hours... and no, it wasn't a bad Volturi dream (with this cast...) For the second time in her life my dear dog Dahlia which is now 2 years old, thinks she has given birth... it's really frustrating to see her like that. I dont know if you people know about that. It's a hormonal condition dogs and cats tend to have. They think they have given birth, they produce milk and take their toys for their babies and really act crazy... she didn't sleep all night, she was whining and I didn't sleep until i dont know... 5 am... it was horrible. We went to the doctor and he gave us a medicine. We hid all her toys. She is still searching for them and is whining but I hope this night will be better...

So let me check all the comments and I'll get back to that very soon!

robnutmeg said...

You.have.a.point...pretty little Emily has scars! MM. I don't have to be jealous of her now. @Meadow
girl-who-looks-hotter-than-Pocahontas-and-can-probably-paint-with-all-the-colors-of-the-wind .. let's see her PAINT colors when she's all scarred up...

ALAS, you've risen....get your nose out of that fanfiction - didn't i tell you that it would take over your life? damn girl. ANYWAYS, yes Marcus, I agree, has his uh merits....ARO - no. Maybe b/c of the way he's GRINNING in that OPIE like picture...Let's hope for VERY.GOOD.MAKEUP! B/c I lika my ARO evil...actually I lika my Demetri evil, too. The rest can go jump and if they are CUTE and EVIL they can jump in my bed. It's a large bed with gold sheets!

forget it....i don't hear you..lalalalaallalalaa.

Anonymous said...

An addition to my comment (re Canadians) Summit probably wants to save money so they did not want to spend money on bit parts.
Michael Walsh they spent a bit of money on though.

My above comment is in no means a bad opinion on my home Canadian talent, because as we know Canadians rock the house in Hollywood!!

robnutmeg said...

hey annon
you aren't by any chance
THE LURKER, are you?

If so, damn ur being too nice AND If not, never mind...and I agree with you...except for the Canadians rocking house in Hollywood...part. *grin*

robin(me) said...

You're here you're here...wait...what? dog? what? uh? (even I can act .... kstewpid move over...)
Hey ur dog is crazy! Or maybe she somehow has met Trainwreck...he's been grinning (I think) and just way too happy lately....HE does get around but I didn't think he could find his way to Greece...but ya never know with him.... OMG we're related....

Ignore robnutmeg - she's grouchy this morning....welcome!

sakixry said...

I am so touched you missed me :o))))

Ok so about the cast:

Caius - I think with a little more white make up he could perfectly pull off a vampire! he is cute... He's not the Caius I was imagining though...
Marcus: I thought vampires are all very pretty... where is the pretty in that? He looks ok for Marcus though.
Alec: This will be Jane's twin? And he should also look intimidating? I don't know guys... hmmm...
Heidi: No... I dont think she is hot...truly.
Aro: well... what can I say about this one? I liked him in Underworld but can I see him as Aro? The diabolic Aro? You know, i always imagined Aro a lot older. Even like Gary Oldman with the wig in Dracula... you believe that?
Emily: ...she is a hot momma!
Demetri: he doesn't look too bad also...

@Ginger: I like this mixing up the post with X-men and Wolverine... aaah! Wolverine! Hugh Jackman! Such a beautiful man... *sighs* Have you seen the movie Code Swordfish where he is blond? He's such an eye candy.

When you say SNAPE... do you mean THE SNAPE? The Snape from Harry Potter? Like actor Alan Rickman?

@Ninja: the link was good :)))

@robnutmeg: what are you doing up at 5.52am??? If Summit thinks that somebody, anybody could upstage Robward... they must be sick or something. Robward is H.O.T.! He is one of a kind! Has sex hair! A crooked smile! A very sexy and strong jawline! That wonderful eyes! Strong hands with loooong fingers... aaaahhh... I do need a shower... Oh God! It's good Friday here today and here I go again... lusting over Robward...

@robin(me): scorpion king is playing felix??? Are you really serious? You were dreaming about Robward rubbing your back? In the shower? Was he naked? *wiggles with eyebrows*

@faith: here I am my dear friend! I wish it was an Edward dream but instead it was a crazy Dahlia awakening...

@oh: it's good you got to see who Blade is! I mean that's educational. Have you seen the movie yet? The 3rd part is the best... it has Ryan Reynolds semi naked in it... six pack.. mmmhh...

Anonymous said...

Hey League & readers

THAT annon is an imposter...I am the Lurker....*claws out to scratch*

No, srsly, I am cuddly as a kitty. A "nice, kitty"..... I have a feeling that someone out there is thinking another word for kitty....tsk tsk. Only for Rob, only for Rob!

Volturi mmm. Since I have no life, name or job....I think I'll move to Italy and see if they have any job openings for someone like me who is lazy, evil and is definitely not a vegi type person.

@Spank't.even.think.about! Snape & Edward. mmm.

@robin(me)! you skank!

ok, that was mean. i'm deeply sorry robin(me) for calling you a skank. *innocent green eyes*

The Lurker

sakixry said...

@robin(me): yes, my dog IS currently crazy! (and my bf is snoring at the moment...) she got it all from her momma! *grins proudly* Yeah, Trainwreck and Dahlia got together and gave birth to squeaking bones! How nice! How original!
So from now on, should I call you my in law?

robin(me) said...

I just think "Felix" looks like Scorpion King...not into him at all.
No robward was fully clothed in my shower...I was too afraid that he'd fade to black AGAIN so there was no time.....until afterwards......

skank? huh! wow, i'm actually not even insulted...omg - i have a reputation...hooray! Oh please let it be true!

OCD Sufferer said...


Chapter 48 of WA will be up either tonight or tomorrow!!!!!! I am soooo nervous!!! I am so excited!!! I am so wishing I didn't have to work tonight OR tomorrow!!! *cry* *cry*
I read the teaser and it just made me more nervous! God if AG doesn't make my dreams come true I am going to find out where she lives and slash her tires!! lol

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

Good Morning Ladies

I kinda like (don't hit me) who they have cast for Volturi...I agree with annonymous (the Canadian anon) they went with Canadian actors, it seems. Easy, less money for the actors MORE for the movie...Besides, why do we care - we just want to see:

Edward dumping Bellabitch
Edward shirtless!


HEY, Lurker
You called my mom a skank? OOOOHHHH, that's very brave of you. AND kinda it's not funny....yes it is.

My mom's dog did what do ur dog? What did I miss? In laws? I can see Trainwreck wanting to .... (he has aspirations of doing something great with his life besides eating slippers...)but I hope that Dahlia isn't expecting wine and roses b/c TW is well is EDWARD incarnate....he wants to but he's impo/FIXED....I think?

just saying...

who is snape? can i meet him?

isabella.marie.coming.soon! said...

OH and just so that all of you know...
I simply ADORE Hugh Jackman! Van Helsing..hubba hubba....

I am ignoring my mom's dream so please don't ask me about her. *shuddering intensely*

deconstructing jen said...

My immediate thought was caius looks like a girl. what the heck. I like all the others. I'm not sure why Harry Clearwater even made the film.

You commentary is hilarious. I'd love to see Edward and Snape together... mmmm.

OCD Sufferer said...

I love Hugh Jackman too! Mr. OCD has been a Wolverine fanatic since I met him (17 yrs ago) and he has all of the first comics and such. When X-men came out I was pleasantly surprised that I was finding myself attracted to Wolverine and not just because I knew his character so in-depth (he puts Darkward to shame in the bad boy category lol). Mr. OCD doesn't even get upset that I think "wolverine" is hawt because I think subconsciously it turns him on that Wolverine turns ME on!! HAHAHA!!
I can't wait for May 1st! I am hoping we have a midnight showing so we can all load up and go April 30th!
In the words of my kids:
I so excite! (I think it's from Borat, lol)

haleygolightly said...

I am quite happy with these picks!!

This is totally taking our little indie-flick Twilight movie to the next level!! Dakota and Michael Sheen have acted in Oscar-nominated films... not too shabby!! I think this just shows that Chris Weitz is really stepping things up. I can't wait to see how they portray the Volturi!!

P.S. was anyone else totally picturing Graham Greene for Billy Black?? I was throughout the whole series haha. He's my go-to native.

Anonymous said...

First time commenting but been around a long time just reading, reading, reading...a true fan of you guys. I'll make myself known when my computer gets up and running right now I'm at work on a break and would be totally not cool to be busted...boss from hell.

First I love the cast...sorry. AND I agree with um I forgot but one of you said..who cares as long as Edward is shirtless...yes yes yes!

I see you guys have dreams, fanfiction issues and lots of lusting over Edward/Robward. YEP that's why I am here. MOVE over, I have the same problem.

But did anyone notice that they haven't cast Giana yet? I think that Spider would be perfect for this role...elusive but sneeky and totally unaware of the guy with the RAID can. OH wait. AWARE but not in the least bit worried...I like that.

And NO I'm not playing favorites! Just thinking.

CAN I borrow your dream, though
Robin(me) - skank?

~Jamie said...

I actually think most of the new casting has been fabulous so far. I am so friggin excited to see this movie! ahhhhhhhh!

On a side note... when I open this website my three year old starts screaming TWILIGHT TWILIGHT the hands and the apples means TWILIGHT!

haha I seem to have created quite the little monster :)

sakixry said...

@robin(me): what kind of a stupid dream left Rob fully dressed in your shower? this is not fair! you should be able to decide what you wanna do in your dream!

@OCD: You are one sick puppy, you know that. right?
Really? Wolverine puts Darkward to shame? Is he really nasty? *hiss*

@Isabella: Right on it girl! All I need to see is Rob as much as possible and shirtless in the alley! I dont care about anything else.
Your mom believes that your dog looks like he got some ... humping. you know? and she thinks that it can possibly be my dog because she got all crazy, thinks she got babies and so. so that practically makes us inlaws. right?

Hell yes! Who is SNAPE? You mean Harry-Potters-Alan-Rickman-Snape??

@Anon: Why yes, I do agree with you! Spider indeed could play Giana! Hey Spider what do you think? And about that Target DVD I have already replied on the previous post but if you hadn't read it yet... the answer is HELL YES! And I LOVE YOU! will I be able to pay you back??

@Jamie: You are doing a great job raising that child of yours! It's very essential for it to recognize this specific story! It's vital even! If I have a daughter someday, I will first and foremost teach her a few things about men and she will have Edward as a prototype!

Where is everybody today? In the morning - well, your morning - you were searching me and now YOU are gone! WTF?!!?!?!

Ginger Swan said...

@Anonymous (Canadian), I totally thought the term "Native American" referred to all the indigenous people from North America. But thanks for setting me straight! Wow... didn't know I'd actually learn stuff on this site. And I'm sure they're saving money on the actors by casting in Vancouver, but with all the extra money they're paying that one guy, I sure hope that doesn't eat up their very minor budget increase from Twilight.

@Haleygolightly, I think I did picture Graham Greene for Billy Black.

@Jamie, my three year old yells "Twilight, Twilight, Twilight" too! We should get them together for play dates! We can let them play with Pocket Edward. (just kidding... I don't let the kids TOUCH my PE)

Robin(me) I'm not happy at all that you have had a Rob/Edward dream, when I've been TRYING to have an Edward dream since SEPTEMBER and no luck at all!!! *frowning at you*

@vampirefreak101... to each his/her own. We won't judge you. If you want Caius, you can have him. I don't think anyone here will fight you for him. ;)

So I just wanted to say I LOVED the Pocahontas chick in "Into The West" miniseries. Mr. Ginger and I were totally hooked on it and she is beautiful! I also can't wait to see the scars on her face!

Ginger Swan said...

@Leigh, I forgot to mention you. You were one of our original readers when we first started. Glad to see you just went into lurkdom and didn't stop reading us!!! Feel free to comment whenever you want!

@sakixry, yes Snape from Harry Potter! Spank has a major thing for him.

sakixry said...

@Ginger: ok... Alan Rickman... I must say i do LOVE this actor but he is not hot... at least not for me. Spank, you can have him while I have Rob for breakfast!
And also, yes, he could easily play that British vampire, the strange one who only observes in Breaking Dawn. He is a wonderful actor! I also love the Snape character and I loved him in Love Actually also!

robin(me) said...

The simple solution to the dream I had....go to bed thinking of Moonlight and Mick St. James. AND yeah I said that too..UH how the heck did that happen? Oh please don't hate me, tho, b/c I have had a showard dream with edward...b/c then I'll feel bad...well not really I still feel quite good...*swoon*

You know, Ginger, I was thinking that too ... Native Americans ...American - like as in USA American but whatev.....Quiluette tribe...Forks WA...There's no NA city names in WA...good ole' CHIEF SEATTLE - was really some Viking from my HOME country of Norway....what a guy! Snoqualmie Falls, etc nope not at all. Need I go on?
Canadians - I love them, some of my best friends live there but come on - there's American, B-R-I-T-I-S-H, Canadian and MANY more other countries that are talented that end up in Hollywood..CA. USA...

I think Summit hired Canadian b/c of the expense. They also hired British! HELLO!

I think they should have gone Norwegian then....geez!

robin(me) said...

I love my dream, so you just leave me and wetward alone. he's coming back after shooting his scenes and we will be continuing where we left off....YUMMY. *edward crooked grin* if you are good, i'll let you know what happens.

oh and i forgot that TW is fixed, YOUR dog is a slut....tsk tsk.

Ginger Swan said...

@robin(me) And what did you have for dinner or bedtime snack last night? (since that can affect dreams too)

Oh yeah, I don't have anything against Canadians. Some of my best friends know Canadians. ;)

(kidding... Some of our extended family are Canadians... not Canadian hate mail please!)

LeLe said...

Oh, Ginger, you are too funny.

Yeah, Michael Sheen was pretty freakin' hot as Lucian in Underworld.

Mmmmm, you said Wolverine.

I agree with your opinion on Token Native American guy. He seriously has hardly any lines and is only a mention in the book. Why did they get the big wig to play him?

Anonymous said...

Canadian Anon here.

First and foremost I love this site. It is one of the best sites out there.

Ginger, I do believe you are right "Native Americans" refers to all first peoples of North America.
I as a Canadian just get a bit touchy regarding the use of "american" when referring to a Canadian. It is just like a New Zealander being called Australian I hear they are a bit touchy about that.
When you consider that Graham Greene grew up on a reserve in Canada in the fifties and his now a Oscar nominated actor that is a feat in itself. Kudos to him. I am sure he is one of the reasons that there are more native actors.
I will get off the soapbox now. I never really intended to be on one.

Back to the cast in one word Yummy! Someone said previously is Summit trying to over shadow Rob. No they could never do that! A Rob girl for life! However a Hottie like Rob needs good wingmen. I believe they have achieved that.

Keep up the great work.

Ginger Swan said...

@Canadian Anonymous, I'm glad you didn't get offended at my little "some of my best friends know Canadians" comment. ;) And thanks for the compliment about our site!!! We ALWAYS love the awesome feedback!

As for the Indigenous People of Canada, I THINK you were right before. I Googled it and I see the term "Native Canadian" and "First Nations" used instead of "Native American". Oh, and I love the indigenous people. I watch every movie/miniseries and have read tons of books on their heritage in America. I have a big Cherokee shield tattooed on my back. (don't ask)

I totally understand the sensitivity to being referred to as "American" when you're "Canadian".
That's how I feel when someone asks if I'm a true redhead, implying that I'm really a brunette. ;)

robin(me) said...

I was up until 1:00 a.m. last night watching Moonlight drinking a little moonshine as my grandpappy used to say...on SciFi marathon. YUMMY. I don't think coco puffs had anything to do with Rob grabbing my hand and guiding me to the shower b/c my grandson eats those and the kinda scares me now.... I fell asleep on the couch and woke up IN THE SHOWER...I have yet to figure out what I did...let's just hope I!...

@Canadian annon - I meant no disrespect b/c like Ginger -
I, too, love Canadians -
Vancouver is a wonderful fun city UNLESS you are trying to get the locals to talk about a certain ROB PATTINSON or get back on the road to go back to home..then it's like living the Hotel California song. But that is my lack of direction and no way is it their fault that I can't find my way home except that about a million Washingtonians have mentioned that in the last 30 years or so. AND they lured Summit up there with the whole "IT'S Cheaper to film up here blah blah blah deal"...ok Washington has now passed a bill to NOT tax the film industry. Yeah way to go, WA who cares now that Twilight has passed us by. GEEZ....stupid state! Sorry I'm not in governmental law. DAMN.

robnutmeg said...

@sakixry! geez. i need the dazzle fix. I know what you mean about robin(me)'s i took a shower with edward blah blah blah dream. *still grumbling w/ ginger*

@mystify me
WTF are you?
Are you lost w/ OCD on fanfiction AGAIN! GEEZ

@Ginger, Can annon, robin(me) - where else can someone like me jump on a bar table and scream stupid humans out to the crowd and not.get.arrested or offend anyone?!
I', baby!

robnutmeg said...

CAN Anon
Thank you for letting me jump on a bar table and scream stupid humans and not arrest me...I sounded like BC was strange or something...It's actually quite nice and friendly even tho they wouldn't tell us where rob was...grrrrrr.

Being so close to the border, we've been quite used to Canadians and I think Vancouver is quite used to Americans.. Yeah Vancouver Canucks rah rah rah. See, yeah to the PPL.

Anonymous said...

I love the Volturi and so they better be evil and scary, that's the way I like them...
If this cast can do it then I'm ok with that.
I love ur site and I'm not Canadian nor am I a lurker.
First time here and it took me FOREVER to read all of your entries and comments...after I spit out everything I was drinking so I guess that's not a good idea to drink and read your site.


I want to have a Robdream too! How to order one of those?

Ginger Swan said...

@anonymous (that is not a lurker nor Canadian)

Welcome to our site! Glad you came by and left a comment.

Several of our readers have already said they know better than to read us (and the comments) while drinking. One of our readers actually ruined her keyboard by reading us while drinking. (true story)

And just as soon as I figure out how to have a Robdream, I'll let you know. Sadly, I missed the Moonlight marathon and don't have Cocoa Puffs, like Robin(me) recommended.

@robnutmeg, I'm still hanging with you in the corner, frowning at robin(me).

OCD Sufferer said...

@Robin(me) forget Norwegian...Irish is the way to go...that is one sexy accent! However, Rob's accent is sexy, BUT WE DONT GET TO HEAR IT!
HOLY CRAP! I just got an idea! For New Moon, when they are watching Romeo and Juliet, Rob should whisper Romeo's lines to her IN HIS ACCENT!!! That would be sooooo freakin' sexy! OH MY GOSH! I just got home from work and need a shower already!

It was a very long day w/out my FF to keep me company :(
I printed a couple chapters of WA, but read them so stinkin' fast that I had nothing to do for the rest of the night! I am outta ink so I can't print more for tomorrow! I need my laptop back! Geez, I am pathetic!

Oh yeah, guess what???? (i am so bad) Monday I am having surgery (nothing big, just outpatient) and I have to "rest" for 3 or 4 days...I am gonna "rest" in my bedroom with my computer situated by my bed and have Edward in bed! Well, at least read Edward in, dirty-talking Edward....geez, there I go again. Chapter 48 will be up by then so I will be even happier! lol

Ok, time for bed.
I missed you guys today!
Cya tomorrow ;)

mrsrpattz said...

"Is he going to arm wrestle Emmett in the clearing and winner takes on Wolverine?"Oh I lol'd !
Thats a nice fantasy Spank; Twilight crossing over with X-men...mmm...yum.

I want me some Demetri. I don't know who that guy playing him is, but I'd like to get to know the pants. ;P

Oh I have a dirty mind today. I blame it on you girls.

OCD Sufferer said...

I second that MrsPattz! These girls have brought out a side of me that I never knew existed! I used to yell at my mom for having her mind in the gutter (but honestly, that is just gross hearing your mom talk about dirty sex....EWWWWW)
Bad thing is, I can't voice my gutter thoughts! lol

robin(me) said...

@OCD -
I don't know if u are still up or not....
but as long as your surgery isn't serious - then MILK IT for all it's worth. AND spend all day/night in bed with the britward...b/c damn I love that accent too....I hope that R & J bit is in NM, but if it isn't EDWARD can still whisper in my ear in any accent of his choice as long as he comes back for WETWARD Part 2 tonight. I'm all set with my coco puffs and I had to substitute Buffy Season 6 for Moonlight since it isn't on tonight. So hopefully Spike will be inspirational - so I'm armed and ready for battle.

YOU KNOW, u are gutter mouth. geez sister lay off the robporn!

@annoymous that's not Lurker or Canadian
I spit out a glass of wine on my mouse pad - the stain is still on my grandson's's very cute though he looks like a little edward....DON'T DRINK & READ! We all have learned the hard and I mean HARD way!

Uh Demetri scares me but Marcus has definite possibilities..mmmm.

@Ginger, @Robnutmeg
YOU KNOW you love me...stop glaring at me! *sad eyes* I won't say puppy eyes b/c we hate dawgs here.

OCD Sufferer said...

Actually I was up when you posted, but my computer decided it didn't like me anymore and wouldn't let me do anything. I had to shut it down and do a bunch of clean up crap (I think I had to clean up from all of the dirty FF that is saved on it!! HAHA)
Yeah, I kinda would like to milk it, but unfortunately for me, Mr. OCD has seen me go through several surgeries and he knows I heal fast...I can hope to tell him I am older now and my body just doesn't handle it...but I am not good at faking being in pain, haha!
Also, the day after my surgery I have to take my daughter for her state testing (3 days in a row) but maybe I can come home and act like it really hurt me!! HAHA
Speaking of Rob's accent...did anyone else notice how his voice is different throughout the movie? I know there is a difference between "dazzling" Ed and "angry" Ed and then regular, but his regular voice actually changed. I don't know how to explain it...I just often wondered if it was like he "forgot" his American accent, ya know? For instance, I will joke with my kids and talk British (been doing it WAYYYY B4 Twilight, just so you know!! LOL) but if I stop and go back to my normal voice and then back to the British sometimes it is the wrong accent. I am not sure the different England accents. I had someone explain it to me once, but I just told him, "Well, we have 'hillbilly', 'New York', 'Chicago', 'Boston', 'East Coast' accents and they are all different, but we can tell the difference, so you don't need to explain to me the difference, I get it ;)"
LOL! The truth though, he was confusing the crap outta me! It was liket here are the proper English, the not-so-proper English and then the low-on-the-totem-pole English and then a bunch of different kinds. LOL! I didn't care, I just know I like British accents as long as they aren't Eliza Doolittle before her lessons....that was horrendous!! LOL!

robin(me) said...

U crack me up. AND now that u mentioned it - yeah ur right...NOT that I didn't just LOVE hearing Robward speak -- but HE really struggled in some parts...and maybe b/c CH kept interrupting his creative JUICES b/c well HOTS for him and everything....
I frankly think the apple scene is the best...
edible art..hello? (do u know how long it took me to figure out he said HELLO?)
AND the prom and dancing - He was JUST so stinkin' cute...I just simply forgot all about accents...WATCH it know he chuckles a little when he has Bella leaning back and he's says Are you ready now? AND he kisses her neck...there there that little smirk....I wonder what Rob was thinking at that moment...
It's midnight here and wide awake maybe I should READ Wide AWAKE again.

OCD Sufferer said...

I thought he said, "Edible Art...Bella?" My subtitles say that is what he says....hmmm
Speaking of dancing. Watch where he say, "I will not end your life" or whatever it I haven't watched in so long I am forgetting his lines!?!?! Anyway, READ HIS LIPS...he says something else...I swear! There is an M in whatever he says!
Also, outside the restaurant. Angela literally loses it if you watch her! She laughs at him and when they show him next you can tell he had been laughing! he comments on the commentary how he was trying to be sexy and it just wasn't working, it was "funny" that is when I realized they actually didn't cut out the "funny" lol
There are so many scenes I love with him! I just can't even go there, lol!

I am not wide awake, but I can't leave the computer, lol! I have to be @ work in 6 hrs and here I sit still....I know what it is, I am making excuses to stay up hoping chapter 48 will pop up...but then I might as well not go to sleep!

robin(me) said...

Edible art, bella? AND then he said HELLO? OMG, I'm so confused - I had eaten some cocoa puffs and had watch buffy season 6 earlier but hubby is snoring and DRIVING me crazy so I'm on the couch watching TWI again.
Yeah I know about that end ur life for u scene but I can't figure it out either....does it matter? I LOVE HOW ROB looks in the prom and restaurant scenes....i'm thinking he could probably recite 4 score and 7 years ago and i wouldn't notice...i just STARE at his eyes and his mouth...that makes me nuts...I'm a grown woman here with a career and grandchildren and i'm staring at some 22 yr old's I crazy?

robin(me) said...

Oh and Angela who?

sakixry said...

@robnutmeg: I missed you too!!!

@robin(me): I will be very nice! Just promise you'll tell me your dream when you have it!! And my dog is not a slut... *frowns in disapproval*
oh, and you are NOT crazy because Rob is not SOME 22year old... he is OUR ROBWARD!

@OCD: Even if it's not a big surgery, I wish you well. And what a nice side-effect... hmmm... having Edward in bed with you after that. Yes, yes... lucky you!I can even say that I am happy when I am working cause I can sit on the computer without having anybody asking me what I'm doing so long there... I pretend working :o)))
You think the watching romeo and juliet with Edward whispering the lines to bellas ear will actually be in the scenario? I'm not so sure with this stupid screenwriter...

Spank Ransom said...

@ Cheryl - Snapeward! I love that.