Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things that make you go ahhhh..

If you are here on this blog then the chances are pretty high that you are a Twilight obsessed person. My life has been seriously altered by this series/film and not just because of Edward and our true love (hate to rub it in). But everyday words and items seem to have taken on new meaning to me. Here are some of the things that I see or hear everyday that bring me into my twilight-headed state of mind. What are yours?

Pepper Spray

Berry Cobbler

Celery sticks




Pea Coats

Clair de Lune

16oz cans of beer



Mushroom Ravioli

Ballet Slippers (silver)

Dented cars/trucks

Buttcrack Santa, little liquor bottles, playing with your food, Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirts, and thunderstorms

Well Spider, you used all the good ones, didn't you? Ok, how about forks, glitter, google, apples, and Native American owned book stores.

I left out some good ones for you guys to grab, c'mon like the word or sight of a feather doesn't put you in a tailspin?? Or the ocean, or eggs, envelopes, oxygen tubes, hoodies... This is a never ending list!

There you go again, Spider, naming all the good ones. Maybe we should rename this thread "Things That Remind Spider About Twilight". Ok Spider, how about spiders? Yes, I say spiders remind me of Twilight. Well, actually spiders remind me of Harry Potter (keep reading Spider, and some day you'll know what our HP references mean), and Harry Potter reminds me of Cedric, and CEDRIC reminds me of Twilight.

Everything. Seriously. I may have a problem...

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Ninja Fanpire said...


Ninja Fanpire said...

The word Twilight, even when not used in context with the series.
Any yellow vehicle
My friend Rachel (Twihard)
And a good portion of what ya'll said.

@Spider-Haha, eggs.

Johanna said...

Books: Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet

Actions: Talking in one's sleep, Sneaking in/out through the window, tree climbing, speaking "car & driver", the expression "holy crow!" or "oops!"

Things: Volvos, trucks, pianos

Those are the ones off the top of my head, but it's a never ending list.

Rachel said...

Italy, apples, chess boards, the moon, cop cars, slipping on ice, cloaks, broken headboards, Expensive French inspired Lingerie, chicken that tastes bad, Any name from the book...okay I'll stop now :)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Spider did have all the good ones! Never thought baseball would remind me of Twilight until I made a baseball cake yesterday and Julie/Myjourneytofamily said, that's like a Twilight cake.

Erin said...

I have to agree with Meadow...pretty much everything!

Also, Porsche, Mercedes, Jeep, "Guardian"

(I'm sure I have a problem... :)!)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hair, moon, dog, superhero, spider monkey,

hello, hi, how are you, a, b, c... what? you know you're constantly thinking about it too.

Driguerra said...

Mushroom Ravioli was my favorite even before Twilight they have a totally new meaning to me. :D ok my list

Bedroom windows
Icy roads
Sandy beaches
dragonfly lights
Playing with my salad bowl

ha ha I will think of some more

oh and YES when I hear the word feather I automatically SMILE I just do can't control family is beggining to think I am nuts...:D

Shana said...

yes, no, to get to the other side and the square root of pi...haha LOVE that part.

Um...pretty much everything these days. Adrenaline Rush - yes I googled it. Topaz, indian, reservation...every time I trip up the stairs or over my own feet.

HappyHourSue said...

baseball, graduation caps, microscopes, contacts, Italian food, jeeps,

rain, sleet.....


Erin said...

@ Shana I liked the part in the restaurant as well (my friend and I saw it again last night, we just couldn't resist)... Who knew I would actually ever remember the square root of pi and actually smile!

Any my husband does think I'm crazy!

Driguerra said...

mm some more

drying my hair
wearing sweat pants
High schools (LOL)
Any forest picture
Cold things

:D I agree that everything around me remainds me of Twilight...I guess I love being crazy :D

kmoye said...

cloudy days

Anonymous said...

forks - i definitely use my fork a lot differently than i used to!

the way Hayley sings HERE in Decode..edward uh rob liked it too! sigh...

Rainy washington - I knew the reason for living here for the weather would be a "good" thing one day!

Anonymous said...

forks - i definitely use my fork a lot differently than i used to!

the way Hayley sings HERE in Decode..edward uh rob liked it too! sigh...

Rainy washington - I knew the reason for living here for the weather would be a "good" thing one day!

letsgotolondon said...

Hola! Those are all hilare. All of those remind me of Twilight, as well as:

The Spanish Influenza,
Any year thats around the 18 or 19 hundreds,
Any number in the 100's (reminds me of how old any of them are, aka edward),
Any Edward in history,

Anonymous said...

Window, rocking chair, cold wet thing,
and after seeing pictures from Japan, Prada suit

Brenda Jean said...

I'm just going to list things off the top of my head without reading the other comments:) Sparkle, dazzle, glitter body spray, glitter in general, old pick up trucks, wolves, dogs that look like wolves, woods, rain, anything high school related...BAHAHAHAHA and all the things you all mentioned:)

haleygolightly said...

I was watching the news this morning when they mentioned the 'Spanish Influenza of the early 1900's' and how terrible it was. Automatically, I said out-loud, "Without the Spanish Influenza we would never have had Edward."

Every time I see a van pass by I consider dashing in front of it to see if I'll be saved by an Edward-like being that may be stalking my every move. Keeping fingers crossed.