Monday, March 9, 2009

Deleted Scenes WE Want to See

Deleted scenes are floating all over the internet now. But what deleted scenes does The League hope are on the DVD?

The delete scene I want to see is the entire original meadow scene. As it was in the book. I also wanted to see more action in Bellas's room like in the books also. Like how about in Eclipse, during the slumber party/sleep over - dear lord. That BETTER not hit the editing room floor!

I'm anxiously awaiting the DVD release, and only partially so I can pause the TV and have 60 inches of Edward gracing my living room. I also can't wait to see the deleted/extended scenes! Catherine Hardwicke has said that she included a "tiny" scene from Midnight Sun. What are you hoping to see?

I'm fairly certain the "Midnight Sun" scene is the part they kept showing in the trailers of Emmett saying, "It's not right, Edward, she's not one of us." Because it never made it into the final movie and it's definitely a Midnight-Sun-ish scene.

Hmm... And here I was hoping it was the part where Edward imagines killing Mike Newton. Nothing against Mike Newton, I just want to see Edward's baaaaaaad side.

Well, I said what I *thought* would be the scene, but not what I hoped would be the scene. Hmmm.... Midnight Sun... how about the scene where he's sitting at the dining room table with his family arguing about whether or not to kill Bella now that she knows and Edward flips out and vows to prevent them from doing it? Yeah, I'd like to see that.

I want to see bloopers and I want to see Rob naked. Oh, are they not taking requests?

Oh, and how about Edward in Alaska? I'd *love* to see him turn Tanya down. Or, if they went another direction, for him and Tanya to get it on. I'm easy to please. (Pssst, Rob, I'm also just plain easy. Call me.) ;)

There is this great part when Edward is at the airport and finds out that Bella got away from Jasper and Alice and he... Oh wait we don't know what Edward did because Stephenie Meyer is bent on destroying us all with her continued refusal to finish $#%$%^! Midnight Sun!!!

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Ninja Fanpire said...


Ninja Fanpire said...

Totally slipped my mind after 11:40. I so thought Jamie would've had it by now.

Ninja Fanpire said...

@Ginger- Yes, Edward killing Mike Newton=Epic. Edward killing Jessica=Even more epic.

@Spank (last comment) very much agreed Spank!

Shana said...

I'd like to see the scene where Edward takes a bath...or maybe the one where he's changing....

Erm...mind in gutter...sorry. ;)

Valarie Lea said...

I think a scene from Midnight Sun that would be awesome, is when he is thinking of a way to kill the whole class before Bella realizes it and then kills her. That whole thought process he was going through would be a great scene.

Erin said...

I'd just like to see more of Rob! :) I'll take more of any scene except the horrid stuttering in the hospital. I don't even like what made the cut.

I'm just excited about getting the DVD (although my hubby said it isn't to come into the house...he doesn't get any of the Twilight/Rob obsession) I hope I beat the UPS man!

Anonymous said...

i wanna see scenes from the isle esme fan fic i've read.... preferably with just edward.. no bella...

does that count?

Shana said...

I think I agree with Val...the plotting to kill Bella scene would be cool...considering it's KStew. But yeah, anything that is more Rob is wonderful in my book.

tynie626 said...

yes, the whole meadow scene is what i wished was on the dvd!! seriously, such a pivotal point in the book should have been extended way longer than it was in the movie!! i felt it was rushed!! booooo!!

other scenes from other books i'd love to see

midnight sun- the meadow from edward's pov
the whole how to dispatch of everyone in the classroom, AMAZING! such a devious though, i'd love to see brought to life

breaking dawn- the honeymoon scene!!! dying to see edward and bella get some real action already!! waiting for 4 books and all i get is a fade to black!?? oh no, they will have to fix that, lol

and oddly enough, the scene in biology when they were watching the movie and they could feel the electricity between them.. ahh i was fanning myself the whole time i was reading about that

Anonymous said...

I also like the Biology scene and really missed blood typing...Why was there a greenhouse, (compost tea?) and no Edward carrying Bella to the nurse's office?
I also think there should be Edward asking Bella questions and more Alice/ Bella relationship..oh and more naked Rob ( was that an option?).

Meadow Cliffdiver said...

@tynie626 That entire Midnight Sun thought process about dispatching the entire classroom just floored me. I LOVED it.
@everyone else (b/c most of you mentioned it) the meadow scene should've been "redone" for the DVD release in my opinion. You know, like as a REAL scene. Not the crap we got in the movie.

And um, Naked Rob? Yes please.

haleygolightly said...

Two words- BLOOD TYPING!!!!!!!!!!!

OK and speaking of floating deleted scenes... I just have to post this for anyone that has not seen it. Bella dreams about Edward and oddly enough, it starts out the same way that my dreams always do!!

Brenda Jean said...

I LOVE the scene in the book were he carries her to the office after the blood draw in biology. Seriously he CARRIES close to his chest. Sigh. And they replaced it with that STUPID compost/greenhouse thing? Arrggggg

haleygolightly said...

@Brenda Jean

No kidding!! greenhouse?! Are you kidding me??? We go from an Edward that rescues a swooning Bella to one who's all up in her sh*t:


Bella: "Um, I was just watching Tyler Crowley almost drink compost tea. Chill. Also, something about Florida."


Alice: "You're an asshole. Sorry Bella, see you in the future."

Ninja Fanpire said...



Nicole Wilson said...

i seriously laugh out loud (and usually nod my head in agreement with each of you) everytime i read you! <3 your blog and your tweets!
on there, i'm @nicolewilson