Friday, January 30, 2009

New Moon: How We Scene It.

In the event Spank's telepathic efforts to influence the scriptwriting for New Moon doesn't actually work, we felt we should talk about what MUST be in the movie. What scene, moment, or character do you need to see? Here are some of our choices:

Since it is much easier to say that I could do without the immense pain of loss I felt from Chapters 4 through 12 (or spending so much time with that mangy dog) I am going with the solid choice of when the Cullen's vote on Bella becoming a vampire. Seriously, I think Melissa Rosenberg can just copy and paste all of it into the script and take a nice long nap. Who among us doesn't want to see that all play out? I cannot wait for Edward to bellow at Bella, "No! No! NO! Are you insane? Have you utterly lost your mind?" The whole scene is a chess match; ripe with fierce determination, gripping tension and even a little bit of emotional chaos. Oh, and the dog-hater in me also wants to see Edward say to Jacob, "I'm here until she orders me away" and Bella following that up with "Never!" Eat that, dog.

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I have to admit that I can't wait for chapter 3, THE chapter that broke my heart and left my jaw dropped for hours (til the part when Jacob and Bella pull up to the house and the black Mercedes is there - LOVED THAT). I'm dying to see the break-up played out on screen - I think Rob is going to do such an amazing job that it will feel like it's happening to me (it kinda is, right). It will make his return all the sweeter. Plus, who doesn't want to see him hurt KS, I mean Bella?? ;) My other favorite scene would also be "Vote", but for the part when he gives her the condition of marrying him - pg.540 (yes, it's sad that I know that! You're pathetic too if your on this blog!) And she laughed at him?? Could you imagine that, really, laughing at his marriage proposal!

So eager for eternal damnation.

Ok, my favorite part is where they are holding on to each other for dear life in Italy, walking through the tunnels with the Volturi... cuddling together in the waiting room, waiting until they can leave... cuddling together on the plane. That's my FAVORITE part of the book. They're not speaking about why he left and for a short while neither of them care. They're just holding on to each other.
Spider I can't believe you can't wait to see the break-up. I'm going to be crying the ugly cry when that happens and I'm gonna ask you to hold me. HOLD ME DOWN so I don't run at the movie screen and try to stop Edward from leaving myself.

Well, you guys seem to have taken all the major ones right there! I agree with each and every one of you. I want to feel Bella's loss when Edward leaves and I want to feel her joy at saving him - no matter what the cost. I'm pretty sure they'll keep all that, but I also want the touching moments. I don't want the romance of their reunion to be left out of the script. I want to see them in the woods near the Cullen house (in The Vote) when Edward stops to kiss Bella. I couldn't help but feel that the romance was a bit rushed in Twilight. New Moon needs the softness to be left intact. And all the kissing. My fantasy life would GREATLY appreciate the kissing. ;)

Oh yes Meadow, more soft kisses! And hard ones too! And I'm very excited to think that they don't have the need to put Renee in this one - for crying out loud, I hope not!

We didn't have a need for Buttcrack Santa and yet there he was, so....

*snickers* Buttcrack Santa may be dead but his memory lives on.

RIP, Buttcrack Santa.


Twilighter Migrah said...

Ah, let's see...I am more excited for NM than I was for Twilight. Alice is going to be in this one a lot, which is what much of my excitement is about.

Oh gosh, I just told someone the other day. I thought I did. No, maybe we were talking about Twi.


Probably what I want to see is the scene right after Jacob takes Bella home and Alice is there and Bella is so happy! For some reason I think that is my favorite part in the book.

I mean, of course I love the Grand Theft Auto part. You just can't have NM without that line.
"How strongly are you opposed to Grand Theft Auto?"

Twilighter Migrah said...

Spank, gotta agree, that is a great scene! And it seems like it would be one of the crucial ones too.

Emmet: "Hell yeah!"

Twilighter Migrah said...

NM Race to Volterra Spoof:

Brenda Jean said...

Well, you can't really expect me to pick a favorite scene because it ain't going to happen. I want all the scenes mentioned to be in it. Don't hate me, but I like Jacob. I'm still a little unsure of Taylor- he just seems too young and it's hard for me to picture him as Jacob in the book. I know I'm like the only one in the world who feels that way. I hope they do the bit with Bella hearing Edward's voice right-I loved that. The break-up scene is going to rip my heart out and stomp on it. I love Alice- she's my best friend. Yeah, really. So I want EVERY scene with her to be included.

momof3crazykids said...

Totally, like Brenda Jean, they need to have Bella hearing Edward's voice.
All of the above mentioned also with these lines for sure...

You’re wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it’s a joke.
Well, I’m nearly a hundred and ten. It’s time I settled down.

Sophie said...

Well, you' usual...pardon the upcoming pun...covered it all...including ButtCrack Santa...may his peace be eternal. LOLz.

Valarie Lea said...

Oh I just don't know! I am really interested in seeing how they do the whole morphing into a wolf thing. One scene I do want to see is the one where she is in the meadow and Laurent shows up.

Melanie said...

As long as they spend LOTS of time on Alice and Bella racing to save Edward and on the reconciliation of Edward and Bella I will be very happy.

Spank Ransom said...

@ Twilighter Migrah: ... and then, course, Alice, "Idiots!"

@ Brenda Jean and Melanie: More Alice is DEFINITELY a good thing. Alice has some of the best one-liners in New Moon.

TLC said...

1. the papercut
2. the 'good bye'
3. laurent in the meadow
4. motorcycle riding/crashing
5. when bella figures out jake's secret
6. cliff diving
7. alice & bella - @ bella's house w/ "the dog" and the phone call
8. alice & bella - grand theft auto
9. most of the volturi - from bella saving edward to their "escape"
10. "the vote"
11. and of course, the epilogue

Julie said...

Oh my, how I love your blog! Funny, I have used the term "twilight-headed" before myself! I can't even add much to your list of musts for the movie because you've covered them all. And did I say I love your blog?

~Jamie said...

I want to see the part where Bella is convinced Edward is a dream! I think that will be a cute part, and at least it's AFTER the part of the book I can't seem to bring myself to read again... ugh.

Lori said...

Great post - I want to see the part when Bella is in the kitchen with Jacob and the phone rings!

Twilighter Migrah said...


Paper-cut scene is another one that NM HAS to have!

Erin said...

I would definitely like to see the vote! That was one of my favorite parts, but I think they need to also include the proposal, especially since it keeps coming up (it MUST be included in Eclipse & Breaking Dawn as well!)

SpiderLily said...

I am big on the "emotional" stuff- I want to see her heart breaking in millions of pieces all over the place.... *evil grin*

Midnight_lady said...

I want to see;

* The break up in the woods opposit bella's house and not a silly meadow next to the
* The motor bikes crashing
* The thoughts of edward in bella's mind telling her not to do things
* the bond growing between bella and jake and not skipped through
* when edward calls and jake answers te phone in the kitchen
* The cinema trip
* jake breaking into wolf mode when he takes bella to the meet

Anything basically that the director might think would be cut, I was annoyed that Twilight had a lot of scenes cut that saw the bond between bella and edward......grrr

BeCullen said...

I really want to see them do the scene when she sees with her in bed and thinks she is dead. I want to see Rob passionately explain to her how much he loves me..I mean..her.

Jamie said...

I don't want them to leave out ANYTHING from the book... lol. To tell everyone the truth I'm on Team Jacob, and I'm proud of it. *hides in a corner* It's not that I don't like Edward, I just like Jacob better. :) And I wish Bella picked Jacob instead of Edward, but it was pretty obvious who she was going to pick in the end...

I especially want to see the part where Jacob begs Bella not to go and even cries a little... they can NOT leave that part out. I will hate the movie if they do. And I also want to see all the sad parts in New Moon. Long story short, I want them to add EVERYTHING from the book, unlike how they cut out most of the parts in Twilight. =/

Jamie said...

And also, I want to see Alice, because she's in New Moon more than she was in Twilight. I love her!! I've got a friend who's sort of like her. :) They're both really funny...

Jamie said...

I agree 100% with Midnight_Lady about the bond growing between Jacob and Bella. :) It can't be skipped through...

Also, they're filming the movie in Vancouver, B.C. (but I guess everyone knew that xD) I live in Alberta, Canada, which is the province right beside B.C., but it's not like I can hop on a plane any random day and go meet them... I've been asking my parents if I can go to Vancouver these days. xD I've been there before, and it's beautiful there. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone up there said that they can't see Taylor as Jacob... well, I disagree. :) I think he's perfect as Jacob! Actually, he even looks a bit like a werewolf, with his hair cropped short. xD

Steven Straight might make a good Jacob too... he looks almost exactly like the older version of Taylor.. lol.