Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sultry Bloody Sunday: Vampire Madness

*shivers in a good way while my still beating heart pounds out of my chest* Is there anything sexier than a vampire? *shakes head no, grinning wickedly*

Depends on the vamps. I like certain non-venomous vamps that don't sparkle, but if we're in the Pacific Northwest, I'm the wolf girl.

*ignoring Ginger* Noooo Spank, there is nothing sexier than a vampire. They all seem to have the perfect blend of f*ckhawt and danger. Undead bad boys.

*nodding in awe of the f*ckhawtness* Be still my beating heart.



jodie said...

Loved the video. Agree NOTHING sexier than a vamp!

Moonsanity said...

Cool song and video! But really, I'm just not getting into the TruBlood vamp or the Vampire Diaries.

Now, where is our wolf video? Huh? Just where is it? BAHAHAHAHA

The League said...

@Moonsanity - I'm working on it, actually...
Love, Rain