Monday, November 9, 2009

She's a Barbie Girl

Barbie Bella and Ken Edward are now available for purchase. While I commend them for getting the skin-tone on Edward appropriately dead-ish, this Bella doesn't look nearly twitchy and skinny enough to be KStew's Bella. Also, she's smiling. Where's the pout?

Oh come on, as if a Barbie doll has EVER been realistic looking. And seriously, Edward looks like he's wearing a Michael Myers mask for Halloween. There is such a thing as too white.

I think my daughter's Patrick Dempsey Barbie is going to have some competition. (Yes, I bought my daughter a Robert from Enchanted instead of a normal Ken. Ken looks like he plays for both teams ifyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudo.)

I'm staying true to my Little Edward. Unless of course they come out with an Emmett barbie.

Oh Rain, they will just will reissue the Ken doll to be Twilight's Emmett. You know the dyed blonde gay Mattel doll.

*throws Little Edward at Spank*

I think Edward is supposed to be sparkly. I wonder if he's anatomically correct. *thinks of Vamp*

So, how many of these suckers do you think they have to sell to come out with a whole line? You know, a silver-changes-to-black Barbie Volvo? A victorian-manse-turned-post-modern-bi-level Dream House?

Hey I saw these in the store. Edward's skin is all glittery. I kept moving him to catch the light so he'd keep sparkling. Bella's doll looks really beautiful, so they obviously didn't use her as a reference.

*throws Little Edward at Ginger's head*

So, Ginger, did he twinkle when he was glittering? *wicked grin*

*snicker* Hey, look. I think I found the one they'll use for Jacksper:
Jasper can borrow Emmett/Ken's Tux if you ever want to take him out of his Homecoming Queen dress, Spank.

*picks up Little Edward and throws him at Meadow*



KatOfDiamonds said...

*shudders and ducks under covers*

*fingers edge out from under covers*

Creepy dolls... Might have nightmares...

dazzledbyhim said...

Yeah, I collect a lot of Twilight things, but I'll be leaving these at the store. Unless my daughter wanted them... then maybe. But she's only a year and a half so that won't fly...

SweetLikeSandi said...

Hey they nailed KSTEW's personality, too. Plastic. Fake. Cold.

(Sorry, Spank. Still love you.)

kmoye said...

lol meadow!

Ilaria said...

Well, actually, this is one of those things that I'm actually gonna buy. Although Edward's face needs major help (they could have made him with interchangeable faces! Bloodthirst face! Lovestruck face! Crooked smile!), this is no pocket Edward, and the clothes come off! Think that you can actually re-enact the scene of Bella running to save Edward in Volterra (and I have to say years ago I saw a very interesting, uhm, "art show" where they used barbies in a very interesting way - ahem, barbie interaction only to be clear).
Well, I will let you know when I get them, If I decide to take them out of the box.

Cheryl said...

You can have your sparkling Twilight Barbies. I'm waiting for the Eric Northman doll. ;)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

@Spank - Agreed. Michael Meyers does not equal sparkly vampcandy. Although if he really sparkles like @Ginger says, then maybe I'll change my mind.

@Meadow -LMFAO...Jacksper looks pretty hot in his pretty dress. At least his hair looks better.

@Rain - Seriously...must have Emmett *something*. I'm going back to licking my banana jawbreaker :(

Richard said...

enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon ! new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding !!