Monday, July 27, 2009

Hat Trick

Okay so many of you thought I was delusional when I (and others) suggested that this was the same hat:

Well, how about we get the truth from the source herself. Starting at 0:31. Kristen looks at Rob and says "you're wearing my hat!" and playfully punches him.

Now that we have that out of the way, anyone want to speculate on the absolute awkwardness between Rob and Nikki?

What do we need to speculate about? Rob has clearly moved on when Nikki hasn't.

And very good detective work, Spank, for the Robsten hat. *bowing down to your awesomeness*

I wish Summit would just let them come out about it already! Why all the secrecy? I think they'd both look less strung stressed out if they were allowed to let their feelings show. Besides, it would make Spank the happiest superheroine ever! *ducking from Spider*

For crying out loud, not this again? Spank, I will publicly humiliate myself and kiss your ass for ALL of eternity if you can give me this one piece of actual proof that would put this whole issue to bed for me. I remember seeing a picture of him wearing that hat and thinking it was kinda lame that he never removed the little round "official MLB" sticker from the underside of the lid. So, you show me that little sticker on Kristen Stewart's hat and I will never deny Robsten again! Go Nonsten!

It is so flippin' obvious that they are together. I think it's awesome. They are cute, single and gorgeous. Also they seem to really make each other laugh, smile and have a great ease with one another. They are together.

I have said my peace! Robsten!

I'm going to throw up - who are you? What did you do to that girl I fell in love with? All those words up above, the defensiveness, the "tude". It's because you can't handle the truth! And you cannot find my proof.

So sad...

Spider, I think it's time to accept the truth. Robsten IS. They share tees and now hats - there's just no denying it anymore.

The girl you fell in love with is still here. She just has her eyes wide open.

I give you proof over and over and you refute it. No matter what: the same shirts, the hat, the eye sex, the morning after the MTV Movie Awards, them texting each other during the Comic Con Panel...

I suspect that I could present a sex tape and you would just say it was their body doubles. Which makes me wonder, do you think when they are finished with their lovemaking Rob whispers "you are my life now..." in Kristen's ear?

What the...?! Seriously, Spank, did you EVER make love when you were nineteen?

*watching Spider*

*turning head to watch Spank*

Rob is 23! The man sings beautifully folksy and tormented love songs.... he strums his guitar with those long fingers stroking the chords and he massages the piano keys, tickling them ever so lightly ... Yeah, Rob knows ALL about the art lovemaking and he's schooling Kristen like a good teacher would.

Well, according to your "evidence" a sex tape would show the two of them sitting on the same bed "sexting" each other ... modern love, ahhh.



Wheaty's Girl Creations hearts twilight! said...

NONSTEN!!!!!!!!!!OR IS IT NONESTEN..WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL but if they were together..i wouldnt be against it..i just dont think they are..nuff said. lol

Anonymous said...


I'm with Spider on this one. This isn't proof of anything. Hell, I've had male friends that I share stuff with. I've worn clothes that belonged to male friends and not once did I have sex with any of them!!

Sorry Spank but I think Robsten is a sham...Nonsten all the way.

And if they did end up being together...I think I'd probably blow chunks all over my computer screen because let's face it...ewww!

Johanna (Twilightish) said...

I really don't see why people DON'T see it. To me it is just so obvious. Thanks Spank for bringing up the hat and oooh the texting during comic con. I completely noticed that too. Rob and Kristen were so distracted!

There's also some discussions going on about them using the same backpack and Rob left to NY from LAX this weekend. Is there not an airport in San Diego? I personally can't wait until Eclipse filming starts and they are finally reunited in Vancity.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who don't believe in all this Robsten rubbish, don't see it because there's nothing to see.

You see what you want to see. We see that there's nothing there to see!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say this one more thing...

That seemed to me that KStew was more interested in hanging onto Nikki Reed than Rob...just sayin'.

Caitlin said...

Ihave to say.. honestly Who cares? *ducks and runs for cover*

I honestly don't care if they date of not.

Celebrity relationships bore me.

But I don't think they do. I had a best friend who was male and we sould share shirts and hats all the time.

I mean i do think he wnats to date her, but i think she is leading him on. And Isn't really htat into him.

I mean Im just seeing what I see, like we all do I guess.

Duchess said...

what difference does it make...but I guess Im on team Rob would tell you..."when you spend months telling yourself that this girl is the only one for you...."

I dont have to like it (by it I mean her) but from the interaction Ive seen, I'll harness a guess that they are more than just good friends...I wish we could get new moon over with already so that they could come out of the closet...crushing (insert your own adjective here) on Robert while youre supposed to be getting it on with Jacob does not lead to a credible movie... so goooooo summitt... rein in those horny've got movies to make ***LOL***

Netti said...

ok in all of the last few months theres been alot more of Robsten out there. If these guys are rocking each others boat Im down with it and if they aren't hey thats ok too. I believe that is kristens hat so thanx for bringing that to attention. The bag is looking good too becasue he didn't arrive at San D with that bag.

Duchess- well said :-)

Anonymous said...

Gah, I'm just horrified you both said "lovemaking." Wtf.


geemoney02 said...

I'm with Spank. They've been together for a while, it's pretty obvious. I'm glad. I think they are great together, and I also think they are trying to make it more obvious. They slipped up a lot at Comic-Con. Texting? The hat? Yeah, they want their fans to know they are together.

~Jamie said...

They'll come out like the beginning of November... they will want that extra publicity...

Emma said...

I am still lmao at "sitting on the same bed "sexting" each other"

Sexting will now be added to my dictionary! :)
I am part with Spider and part with the fact that if they ARE together (and SO not saying they are) then as long as Robs happy that's all that matters.Even though I have tried to like her (no really I have!) I just wish it wasn't her that made him happy....but it could be worse it could be P Hilton so we should be thankful!

Diane said...

Why would these two people who have to hide from the papz as it is want MORE attention on them? If they are/aren't dating, I'd want to it be kept as hidden as possible or else they'd have to find an underground bunker to live in for a few years until after the movies are over.

Personally, I like to keep Rob/Kristen and Edward/Bella separate. I am delusional enough to think Rob is anything like Edward and I can tell Kristen is NOT Bella in real life. So, them being together in real life would not detract from their onscreen personas, IMO.

Diane said...


I am NOT delusional (or maybe deep inside I am *embarrassed*)

Katerado said...

Now if they start swapping underwear we have a problem.

Erin said...

@Twilightish You said it all!

Also, has no one noticed that when they are close to each other, they ALWAYS have their arms around each other?

Even in the video here when Nikki was trying to pull on Kristen, Rob wouldn't let go...

Rachel said...

I've been out of the loop today, so I have to put my two cents in!! NONSTEN....c'mon Spank how many times have we been over this!

You all see what you want to see. It's like an illusion, and you are grasping onto anything you can to try to make this rumor true, when in fact, it's false.

Spider, I'm with you. There's nothing going on, and if there really was, I'd be happy for them, but there's just no truth. Wait a minute, I lied. I wouldn't be happy, I'd be sick! She's a horrible choice for a lover/gf/whatever. But, that's another story...

There's no actual proof. Hell, anyone he looks at he's "linked" to. I don't believe he's dating/screwing any one person. But that's just me.

Team Nonsten all the Way! *High Five's Spider*

auntapey said...

I have to go with Spank on this one.

I will admit that all of the hat/backpack/shirt sharing and all the time they spend together off set could be explained away by a really close friendship, which they've said they do have.

And it is hard to believe that no one has caught them together during all these alleged secret meetings with photo proof. Hard to believe.. but not impossible.

But where I get stuck everytime is this... if there was nothing more than friendship going on between them, why does Summit feel the need to mandate no personal questions? And why stick Taylor between them at all events, when typically with a love triangle the object of the others' affections would be in the middle?

And for that matter, when the ballsy reporter did sneak the question in at the CC press conference, why didn't they just say "no, we're just friends"? If there is no Robsten, it seems like that would have been the perfect time for them to shut everyone up and save themselves all the speculation.

So, there's my piece. Personally I think they're together in some form or another and that makes me squeee a little everytime I think about it. :)

Netti said...

auntapey- well said. thats some of the points we've been making on a different blog.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say...Jamie Campbell Bower made a really good point just recently when he said that fans want to see Rob and KStew together because they play Edward and Bella, and that people are more obsessed with Edward and Bella.

He said there's nothing there, other cast members have said there's nothing there, Gil has said there's nothing there.

So maybe us Nonsteners aren't the ones that are delusional.

Cari_tx said...

I'm with spider until there is proof or a papz shot, a grainy restaurant video like Leanne rhimes and that married guy, or even them admitting it. SOMETHING!!! I really want it to happen but until then I wont get my hopes up.

Nora said...

I'm almost afraid to say anything... LOL!

But, I don't get the whole 'texting at Comic-Con' thing. I was there, and I didn't see it then... at all. I've watched the Hall H video on YouTube, and I guess I can see why people might think there's texting going on from what Rob's doing. Kristen doesn't seem to be doing the same thing, though.

And, then there's this other view of the panel, taken more from the side...

...and what I see is Rob tearing off bits of paper, wadding them up under the table, then putting them back on the table and ripping more paper. You know, just nervous fidgiting.

That being said, I'm torn on the issue of them being together. I think there's enough circumstantial evidence to indicate that they might be... but no smoking gun, obviously. Even the Charlie Hotel video doesn't tell the whole story... for me mostly because it doesn't show them coming out of the hotel and also because of the cuts in the video.

Anyway, I'm not against them being together, if that's what they are. But, I'm also not really a shipper. I'm more of a 'whatever makes Rob happy'-er... and if that happens to be Kristen right now, then so be it.

Spider Monkey said...

@Nora, well said! I agree 100%...

Anonymous said...

@Nora I second that...well said. I agree 99%...mainly because I think it RPattz is happy with KStew he needs psychiatric help!! Lol