Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We've got your Special Bond Rob.

Okay, gals, I just saw this online and couldn't help but think that it needed a little superhero translation. Here is the interview (via Rob Pattinson Life):

Robert Pattinson has admitted that his celebrity crush is his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, and now the actor reveals he struggled to keep their relationship professional while filming the movie.

“Kristen is amazing, and your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number. But then I forced myself to remember that ninety percent of what you do see on screen is acting and make things up,” Pattinson tells OK! magazine.
The 22-year-old says he enjoyed the time he spent with Stewart. “I enjoyed the process of creating these characters with her. We would spend all night talking about our scenes and the next day we would defend our points of view. That creative energy made us have a very special bond,” he added.

Is this Hollywood code for "having sex like bunnies?" Should we take out words like "creative energy" and play Dirty Rob Pattinson MadLibs? What do you think?

Wait! This actually sounds vaguely familiar to me: "No, mom... I swear! We were just talking all night. Really!!" Yes, yes... it was the summer of 89. Um... yeah, no... we had really good creative energy. That's all.

I used to think they were doing the nasty (not so nasty in his case)... But I've come full circle and am now questioning if they're playing a bit with each other for the sake of the fans. I honestly think he's got better taste. He likes to smile A LOT, not like piss ant... Perhaps she intrigued him at first, but I don't think it lasted too long. Don't forget, how much actual sex appeal and desire can you have when you're seventeen or eighteen? Real passion and ability to carry on conversations that have meaning aren't for another few years, if that. If he's into chicks that still live at home and have movie posters in their rooms then maybe they do have a thing. I think he's a bit beyond that... and that he really prefers older women! ;)

"Creative Energy" IN BED, maybe. Yep, they were totally doing it.

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SpiderLily said...

I think the whole cast was doing the nasty together.
Muahaha! :)

Brenda Jean said...

Well, isn't that special. It's always hard to know what's real in Hollywood. Perhaps he was in his trailer between takes and at night surfing the internet for sarcastic but humorous Twilight fans. Just saying:)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Hmmm, makes you wonder.

Sophie said...

"That creative energy made us have a very special bond..."

Hmmm, all I can think of is his eyes and that warm, fuzzy if not slightly itchy sweater in the picture (which by the way - thanks!) and the word BOND...and I'm kinda done, girls. Were you saying something?

brook said...

is it physically possible to stay up all night with him and not share more than just "creative energy"? of course it's not! therefore, guilty as charged: sex was had, and jealous i am.

Anonymous said...

nah, I don't think they were. She has a boyfriend. Saying they were gettin' it on is saying that Rob is willing to sleep with a woman who is taken. I don't think he's a jerk like that. He seems to have a few morals.

Vaneta said...

Kristen's cute with her boyfriend, and Rob's cute with me. So no!

Lauren said...

I have thought from the beginning that Rob has been teasing the fandom.

He is brilliant, when you think about it haha!

haleygolightly said...

My favorite thing about Rob is that he's quite blunt with the press, therefore I don't believe there is any ulterior motives to his answers.

I think that if sex has not been had by these two very attractive, withdrawn, tortured-by-their-own-fame, artists, it will soon be. Kristen & young William will inevitably break up as she surpasses him by ions in success and noble Robert will be there- with her - in Italy for night rehearsals and secret "creative" meetings. All joking aside... these two have gone through more than the typical romcom pair. They went from obscurity to household names in under a year so the bonding is understandable.

On another note: Kellan and Nikki are TOTALLY doing it like their characters before them, right?!

Twilighter Migrah said...


Bwahaha, I read your post, it was the best of them all. And it reminds me of fortune cookies.

Ginger Swan said...

@Twilighter Migrah thanks! I must admit I thought of fortune cookies too after I said that. ;)

Midnight_lady said...

Rob wants a mature lady, smart, interesting, classy, full figured, not vein, will adore him forever.......................oh hang on, that's me ;-)

Twilighter Migrah said...


Wrong kind of VEIN. Vain, not vein.