Thursday, February 12, 2009

Team Jasper

Let's talk about Jasper today. You ladies know I'm not far from switching over to Team Jasper, especially when there are pictures of Rob smoking or with a beard. Why Jasper? 1. His Xanax special ability, which for some reason was totally left out of the movie. 2. His bat. Or should I say the way he handles his bat. Rawr. The bat-twirling action in the baseball scene is enough to make me forget he looks like he needs a good dose of Metamucil in the rest of the movie. Did you lovely ladies know that Jackson Rathborne was THISCLOSE to being cast as Edward? Apparently KS stepped in and insisted the role go to RP, which I think we can all agree was a good decision. But there's always room in my heart (and possibly my bed) for Jasper and his bat.

Jackson is not my brand of heroin. I have only one brand, and his name is - Robert Pattinson.

Hmm... He does handle his bat quite well. I wonder if he'd be willing to re-audition for the part, just in case something were to happen to RP. You know, like if he was abducted by married female fans. Or fell and lost his memory and was convinced that he was REALLY our group-second-husband a la Big Love. Or if he came to his senses and realized that a blond female superhero type was much better than sour Kristen Stewart and he proclaimed his love for me by renouncing Hollywood and moving in my guest bedroom. You know, something like that.

Watching Jasper workin' that bat with his deft hands in that tightly fitted baseball shirt and saying things like "Oh, I think we can handle that" kinda made me wanna play ball, if you know what I mean...

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~Jamie said...

As a Texas girl, I am all about Team Jasper... when he first entered the cafeteria I literally gasped out loud! That boy is hot hot hot.... that's all there is to that! And the accent... HELL-O!

Midnight_lady said...

TEAM JASPER! He has a sexyness about him but why oh WHY does he always look like a rabbit caught in headlights???

imbeingheldhostage said...

Jasper is a hawtie (even while missing his Metamucil ), but am I the only one who spent the whole movie wondering WHY they did that to his hair??? There's only one hair guy and that's Edward.

emmyangeldust said...

I'm all for Team Jasper these days. I was totally Team Edward but...Jasper is just so much more interesting a character.
PLUS...Jackson is absolutely gorgeous, and I totally agree on his bat handling skills. I swear, the baseball scene in the film is my favourite for that very reason.
While I agree that RPattz is probably better for the role of Edward...Jackson and Jasper are just so much cooler!

Brenda Jean said...

I thought he was cool in the book, and rather lame in the movie except for the baseball scene in which he rocked. I am too sophisticated to mention his handling of the bat-- you know how he just made you want to know what him and Alice had been "handling" and what it might be like to be her. No, I don't talk about things like that.

Lesley said...

this is defnitely the one scene where i though Jasper was hot! and his like "oh i think we can handle that" was delivered perfectly!! but i'm sorry, that one line doesn't outshine "you are my life now" so, i'm still on team edward!

LeLe said...

I've always been Team Jasper, even before the movie. Like Ginger, I'm all about the Xanax. And I'm from the South and love a good gentleman. And that tight baseball t-shirt? I declare!

Valarie Lea said...

Yep I agree, love that part in the baseball scene. I can't wait to watch him attack Bella, that should be a good scene to watch.

stephdc said...

Oh I am soo Team Edward but have to throw out some love to a fellow Texan.. I actually only live an hour away from where his parents live and was fortunate to meet them, his grandma and sisters on Nov 21st.. I LOVED the baseball scene with his little 'bat trick'.. so hot!

Twilighter Migrah said...

Do you Leaguers need me to slip something in Rob's drink?

I am all for Team Jasper!

ems twilighters said...

I had no feelings whatsoever for Jasper other than pity for his struggle with wanting to kille every human in site....

that is until I saw him in the baseball scene. holy crap, the slow-mo bat twirling got me...I can't explain it, but WOW!! sexy for sure!

Twilighter Migrah said...

That bat twirling was as amazing as Alice's awesome pointed toe everytime she pitched.

katarinas mama said...

Bat Tricks and Bases...hmmm...I'm with Spank on this one...bases, eh?? *giggles*

Midnight_lady said...

@ems.............want some 'alone' time with Jasper? If so, let me know and I'll slip a Rohypnol into his drink next time xx

Angie's Spot said...

I fell for Jackson before I ever saw the movie and the baseball scene confirmed everything. He is HAWT! At this point, I would be elated to have him or Robert show up on my doorstep. (evil grin)

Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Well, I could do Team Jasper. The baseball scene was one of my favs in the movie. @spank I'm with you, Loved! the twirling of the bat.

Lori said...

Jasper is sweet, but there is no substitute for Edward in my book!

amanda morgan said...

why all of the teams? can i have them all??!!!!!!!!(the characters and actors) :D (very evil smile)

Midnight_lady said...

@amanda morgan; no, that's just plain greedy and I might have to fight you for one of them.............however, I am starting to find Doctor Cullen kinda sexy.........touch him and I'll, erm, may well............ok not gonna write it, may incriminate me :-)

Emmy Angeldust said...

@Midnight_lady...I could go for some 'alone time' with Jasper! But would the Rohypnol really work? What with Alice around...

Twilighter Migrah said...

@Midnight_lady Woah-ho there! I'm the one who does the slipping things into people's drinks and what not. Just let me handle the Rohypnol.

Midnight_lady said...

@Emmy............don't worry about Alice.......taken care of!

@Migrah........d@mn it, how am i supposed to get myself a man, if you won't let me drug them!

Twilighter Migrah said...


Like I said, let me take care of the drugging. You want 'em drugged, just look me up. I know how to handle get past Alice.

Just ask Ginger about my special 'truth powder'.
I can do anything. I live in a drug city, with crack readily available, along with nice line of other illegal government issued drugs.

Midnight_lady said...

@Migrah, I like your thinking, we may just make the perfect team. What with my allusion to attract men and reel them in (called my clevage) and your drugging ability..........we could rule the world! MWAAAHHHHHH

Twilighter Migrah said...

@Midnight_lady I have some nice cleavage too. But, as I said, my specialty is potions and poisons.
In order to rule the world, we must first destroy my arch rivals: The League of Extraordinary Twilighters! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Midnight_lady said...

@Migrah...........I rather like 'The League of Extraordinary Twilighters', maybe we could spare them and male them our slaves??

Midnight_lady said...

for all those who can spell, I meant 'Make'

LabTwerd said...

I saw 100 Monkeys last Saturday...and lemme tell you. Jackson Rathbone is smokin' hot. EN FUEGO. You can also factor in that he's extremely nice and gracious to his fans. But it's most important that he's AMAZING to look at...hehehe.

HappyHourSue said...

Yeah, I was all "Jasper's weird" until the bat flipping then my "hot" meter went off and I was all "no! he's weird looking!" and my hot meter was all "I know-but look how he handles that bat" and I was all "why IS that???" and my hot meter was all: "bat-flipping = athletic prowess= good in bed" and I was all "oh".

Twilighter Migrah said...

@Midnight_lady: A tempting proposition......

@HappyHourSue: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Brightened my evening!

Twilighter Migrah said...


*Cough* Does Jazz look like he boobs in this photo?

His "grr" face:

Twilighter Migrah said...

I'm sorry that I have no life.

Shannon said...

Jasper has always been a fave of mine! I wish he'd had more scenes in the movie... especially ones involving his bat-handling skills. Ahem.

J,H=HOT said...

Omg Jasper is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!
here's a few reasons why i'm team Jasper FOREVER!!!!
1) Cus come on what girl doesn't want a guy who knows how she's feeling?
2)His "Bat handling" skills ;)
3) Cus you know they make everything bigger in texas (again) ;)
4) seriously "Sergeant Jasper Whitlock Hale" Come on girls we know we can't resist a man in uniform :)
One downer however
I keep trying to kidnapp him but remember his girlfriend (alice GRRRR) can see the future so.....
Also remember Vampires don't do drugs trust me if they did i'ld be right in there!!!!!!

K Monster said...

I am definitely on the Team Jasper bandwagon!!! I love that he is so Edward Scissorhand-esque... That is part of his appeal! His baseball scene is about enough to push me over the edge!!! Love Love Jasper!

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Anonymous said...

Jasper Whitlock Hale is so my brand of heroin.....
" For the first time in a century I felt hope " Jasper Hale....

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Amazon launched two new Kindle e-readers priced at $139 and $189 late Wednesday, with the cheaper version a Wi-Fi-only e-reader and $10 less than the Wi-Fi-only Nook.

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